You Think Your LOST

I swiped this pic off my Mom's Facebook page. It's my mother's pony (Rose) standing in her car. Not sure what's going on

Which brings me to LOST...(ahem)...AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!

-I totally forgot Claire was Jack's half sister:P (rookie mistake) Does Jack know that? (I think no, but my head hurts)

-Why was Ethan a doctor in Bomb Blew Up the Island Land?

-Sort out for me who is an Other, and who is Dharma? Are there two groups of Others...Temple Others vs Dharma Others? Which one is Ben? Which one is Richard? Should I know this?

-I get that what happened, Juliet blew up the bomb at the unfortunate moment that they time traveled forward. Which means that instead of following one timeline, we are now following two because even though the plane lands in LA, they ended up where the bomb did not blow up. (Yes, my head hurts...but there is no bloody nose...yet.) I get it...but I don't like it. Pick a timeline any timeline.

-There are now three Lockes, right? You got Locke in the box (Dead guy on the beach.), you got possessed Locke (Where did he get that body?) and you have Locke in LA with Jack. Have I missed any Lockes?

...and scene. What do you know? What did I miss? I need someone to hold my hand while I watch LOST:P


  1. ok, I don't watched lost (I know, the shame). But i think that picture is AWESOME!

  2. I am right there with you on all those questions!!!

  3. All I know is, they keep saying the time for questions is over, but LOST, I have A LOT OF QUESTIONS.

    I'm not even trying to understand the 2 timeline thing. I'm hoping everything will just be explained in a nice little package at the end. Ha!

  4. I'm not a LOST lover and cannot help you but the picture is hilarious!

  5. Yes, Jack knows that Claire is his half-sister. He had a memorial for his father when he returned to the states. Claire's mother came and spoke to Jack, telling him that she had a daughter with Christian who was also on that flight.

    Ethan was always a doctor. When they started having all the pregnancy problems, they brought on Juliet the fertility expert, who then worked with Ethan.

    All of Dharma is dead (except for Ben). Ben gassed the entire Dharma Initiative in the purge. Then the Others took over Dharmaville. Back when the freighter folks were coming, Ben put out the order that most of the Others were to go to the Temple. Some of them, though, stayed with Ben and Richard. So I think they're best described as all one tribe, but separated for now.

  6. Loved last night's episode but yes, I'm with you - a tad confused again... here are my thoughts.

    Yes Jack does know Claire is his sister (what S said).

    About Ethan being a doctor off the island: I think they're drawing parallels between what happened in both parallel universes...

    Who is other and who is Darma...? ummmm.....

    Locke: possessed Locke isn't really him, so REALLY there are only 2 Lockes!!

    Ouch my head!

    But soooo good. Can't wait for next week.

  7. Locke in a box! I love it!

    All I know is, they'd better make me significantly LESS lost before this show is over.

  8. That picture is hysterical!

    And you know that I left Nashville wishing I'd been able to corner you for a bit--I know we said hi in passing there but I'd really wanted to see you longer. I thought with fewer people at Blissdom (compared to BlogHer) that it would be easy to see everyone but still--there are a handful I even tweeted to try and catch but never saw them.

  9. You know what S, now that you mention it...some of that actually rings a bell. I swear I need a crib sheet to watch this show!

  10. I think the horse knows all the answers. She's just not telling. =>

  11. Wow. It's like you are speaking Greek!

    I LOVE the picture. How hilarious is that?

  12. I think Jack knows...though I can't for the life of me remember how. Or maybe it Sawyer that knows about it and hasn't yet shared with Jack...go figure.

    Wasn't Ethan a doctor last season when we just had one timeline to follow? Maybe that's why they recruited him to come to the island where all the preggo ladies die off.

    The possessed Locke is really the black smoke monster, I guess he/it can shape-shift?

  13. opps should have read the other comments before I left mine :P

  14. I want to know more about Syed. I am very curious about him. And what is Claire, the new Rousseau?


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