The Ba-Yay!

I try really hard to take advantage of living an urban life.That is not always easy...'cause the city is expensive:O Saturday, I could not think of a better thing to do on a soggy gray day, than taking Miss Peach to see The Joffrey Ballet's Cinderella.

You know I'm a huge fan of Chicago Architecture, and The Auditorium Theater (where Joffrey Ballet performs) is smack dab between the two art schools I graduated from.
After the ballet (which Miss Peach LOVED) I took her to The Fine Arts Building. My second school of design was in this wonderful old building. Look at this lobby...I felt SO hip and urban going to school here. It looked exactly the same, and I kid you not, {I wanted to wrap my arms around it and give this old building a hug}.
This diner, which has been here forever (The Artist's Cafe) was like a warm cozy blanket. I can't tell you how many cups of chicken noodle soup, and hot tea's I had here between classes. (Would you believe the woman at the register actually remembered me? She did!)
Miss Peach was beside herself that we had chocolate cake and tea at the bar (To the tune of $9.15, and that was before the tip!)
Then we took the bus home...not a bad Saturday

Oh my little Peach...she's such a little city cat;)


  1. I bet $9 city chocolate cake is absolutely divine! Looks like the two of you had a magical day. =>

  2. I absolutely love that you take the kids to experience so much. And that hot chocolate will be remembered by Peach fondly for years and years to come.

  3. I am SURE that she had a fabulous time! That's right up her alley. I'll bet she talked a mile a minute, too? You have some pretty adorable kids, Cyn.

  4. What a great day out with Miss Peach! She's a lucky girl!

    And no one could forget the fabulous Cynthia! Sha!

  5. What a wonderful afternoon! I have to start doing some solo outings with my kids to give them this kind of fabulous memories!

  6. Sounds like a perfect mommy/daughter day! I'd pay any price for a slice of chocolate cake right this minute!

  7. Sounds like a lovely day. And, chocolate cake at any price is well worth it, right? Yummo!

  8. So jealous! I totally wanted to go to Cinderella. We didn't get there this year, but it's on the list for next year.

  9. What an awesome day! Good job mom :-)
    I can't wait for day trips to random places around town with mine. In a few years!


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