Oh Lordy...it is cold in Chicago *brrrrrrrrr*
Well, I took the kiddos to Lego Land (it's all about inside activities right now*). I love watching the look on their faces when they go somewhere new. To them, everything is magic, and it shows on their faces.On the little Castle Ride, the kiddos were totally unsure of what they had gotten themselves into.Little weirded out...not buying it....Oh no...it's getting dark. Miss Peach is about to hit the panic button:O"Mommy, is this ride scawy?"

"No, it isn't scary...it's just a little dark right now."
D'oh...now I'm losing The Little Man...
"Mommy, are the bats nice?"

"Yes, the bats are very nice:)"...aaaaand SCORE! Miss Peach sees a Lego princess, and all is right with the world:) *phew*Quite frankly, I was amazed at all the things they made with Lego's (that's Miss Peach hugging the giant Lego Santa)...seriously...I think it might be fun to have that gig? Yes...maybe I'd go batty building a world out of Lego's? What would I build if I had an unlimited supply of Lego's? Hmmmmm.......

Is it wrong that I want to build a life-sized Lego house, and live in it? (don't tell anyone I said that:P)

*thanks to the good folks at Lego Land for the tickets:)


  1. I would love to work at Lego Land. How cool would that be.

    Love the pictures

    Cold here in the Northeast too.. I really don't like winter

  2. I had NO IDEA there was a Lego Land in Chicagoland! Sweet!

  3. Now see? I didn't know that LegoLand was a ride place either. And I LIVE in the area, so good job Legoland; You gave the tickets to the right person!

  4. Very cool. I am feeling cooped. It is so COLD!

  5. The firm I used to work for participated in a Lego building contest each Christmas. I did it every year. It was a blast.

    Love the kids' faces during the ride! Glad they had a good time!

  6. Okay, these pictures are SO adorable!! "Little weirded out" is my favorite!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. it's freezing here too. All about the indoor activities.

  8. I see that they are offering reduced admission. Since they're not knocking my door down with FREE tickets, this may be the route we need to go. Was there enough to do for the just under 4 crowd?

  9. What fun!!! I love her hugging the Lego princess :)

    There's a Legoland in San Diego, and I'm so sad we never visited when we lived there. I've heard it's awesome!

  10. YegoYand, that is too cute. They look like they had a blast! I've never been to Lego Land, I've never had kids that were into legos, frankly. But it still looks like a fun place to visit. There's one in NYC, isn't there?

  11. Wait! You don't have to build it! You just have to figure out how to get the Lego House to your house. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1214729/James-May-size-Lego-house-wants.html

    I'll help.

  12. hey - if you ever want to get together - I can come downtown and we can do the children's museum/butterfly museum - something like that for a few hours??


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