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I'll be the first to admit it to you...I. don't. shop. Where were we on Black Friday?We went to the Conservatory. They have a wonderful Christmas Train exhibit. The Little Man remembered it from last year, and we've been stopping by every week until it opened. They're just toy trains, but the kiddos LOVE them (Miss Peach not as much as Little Man. It's also free, which Mommy loves.)
I took some pics, that I'll show you, while I b*tch about a couple things in the news last week that are making my blood boil...

First...this couple that "crashed" The White House party without invites. You've heard of this, right? They are some Richie Rich couple, trying to get on Bravo's The Real Housewives of DC. They crashed President Obama's first state dinner. Now, they are asking for MID SIX FIGURES for an interview! MID SIX FIGURES!!!

I sure as heck hope that no one pays them. These people are no different than the Balloon Boy's parents. Why would they get rewarded for breaking the rules? They shouldn't. I don't know if it's illegal to crash a party, but you can bet the taxpayers are picking up the tab for the investigation into how these folks got their pics taken with the Pres. They should not be rewarded, they (and whatever network was following them) should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Perhaps I'm being a party pooper here...I'm just sickity, sick, sick, sick of all these reality tv wanna be's taking short cuts to fame, and profiting from it. No free lunch here...get back to the end of the line.
Second...Adam Lambert. I watched him not win American Idol. (yes, he was robbed) Here's a guy who clearly has buco talent. I tuned into the AMA's just to see his performance...which was a gyrating, romp of tastelessness, ending in a guy on guy kiss.

The feed was censored for the West Coast, and Adam L. was promptly dropped from his GMA performance the next morning. Now, he's all over anyone who will point a mike in his face, saying the problem was that he's gay, and that he kissed a guy. What!!!!

My problem with his performance was so NOT the guy kiss. I've seen it on tv before, and I'll see it again...and I so don't care. My problem is, his performance sucked! I believed the good folks at Glee said it best. He resorted to "hairography" which is "Eye-catching hair--swinging, shaking--that masks a mediocre and lackluster performance."

Dude, you are talented...don't work so hard to be shocking...just be good. I do not believe all press is good press. You had an opportunity to make everyone want to download your song, instead, all they are doing is talking about how bad it was...well done...not:P
Lastly, holy new world in Photoshop CS 4! Has anyone explored "actions"? OMG...coolest. thing. ever! Soon, Photoshop will be editing my pictures, without me having to open it. Let me know if anyone cares about it, and I'll give you a quick tutorial on it. I'm telling you...Kirk to bridge...the future is here, and I'm loving it!

(Is it wrong that I want to plant a big wet kiss on the good folks at Adobe?)


  1. LOL. I've only heard of Adam's performance. GACK! And I was a fan on AI. What a disappointment.

    I so wish I was a Photoshop master. I'm Illustrator, all the way.

    Hope you had a nice Turkey Day.

  2. Ummm on the Photoshop front, I have seen Thomas Knoll (the first name on Photoshop credits) he is not so cute, are you sure you want to plant a big ole kiss on him?

  3. The train exhibit sounds right up my little guy's alley! I also completely agree about the other two issues. I knew there was a reason I loved ya! haha!

    I have yet to ever play with Photoshop..I want too soo bad, but can't ever seem to find the time to sit down and figure it all out.

  4. love the photos. i have cs2 so i guess i'm behind the times, but i do love me some photoshop.

    as for the party crashers, i hope no one pays them, but i also hope that the secret service is sufficiently embarrassed that they kick up their vigilance level. i care less about the crashers and more about the fact that it was possible.

    just sayin' ...

  5. Adam Lambert. Meh. It seems like it is the VERY rare performer who tries to draw attention through scandal who finds success. I'm not optimistic for his future.

    I covet CS4. Just can't talk the husband into the cost so a housewife can play around with it. Sigh. I'll have to survive with Elements.

  6. We are so going to be at that train exhibit sometime this week. I've never been inside the conservatory in the winter so had no idea about it!

    As for you thoughts on current events, I'm in total agreement (except that I have zero PhotoShop experience). I cut myself off cold turkey from all things Real Housewives over a year ago and I don't miss all the drama and crap at all.

  7. ROFL!!! This post is HILARIOUS!! I didn't shop on Black Friday either...baah, humbug!

    And I too suffered boiling blood at the news that these lame socialites were offered bookoo bucks for a reality show! Absurd and embarrassing what goes on in our world sometimes!

    I gotta ask my Graphic Designer hubs about the Photoshop hoopla!!

  8. WOW! The train in the conservatory looks really cool. My son would LOVE going there!

  9. I love the last picture of little man.. so cute.

    The party crashers suck. And what happened to security.. that is scary.

    I didn't see Adams performance but I do have an east coast copy on my dvr, might just check it out. But I am with you nothing to do with the kiss, although not necessary but if he stinks that ... stinks.

    Sorry I am a photoshop idiot. wish I wasn't but i am. Thats why I have you to do it for me. :D

  10. You are so cute when you start talking about photo editing stuff.

    The conservatory's free? All the time or just right now? That's pretty damn cool.

  11. Looks lovely! and I was shopping, but not at the common hot spots. Being the coupon fanatic that I am, I hit about 10 different Walgreens. ;)

    And I heard on the Today show that crashing the White House party is illegal and they could end up in jail. That will give them lots of time to count their interview money.

  12. Never been a fan of Adam Lambert...his shrieking voice irritates me. His theatrics...yuck!

    Party crashing thing is crazy. Wonder how many people got fired that day!

  13. You know . . . we now live in a world where we very nearly celebrate subversive behavior. While we may not "celebrae" it in the traditional sense, we do in the new world way simply be giving it so much attention. Lambert, the party crashers . . . they were considered NEWS stories. And now Tiger and his drama . . . geesh. It is exhausting.

  14. I agree about Lambert - he should stop spending so much time on the shock factor and focus on talent.

    Love the model train exhibit. Much nicer than crowds of shoppers.

  15. The thing with the Adam Lambert performance is that I still can't figure out why the kiss was even notable. *snore* It was the face shove into his crotch that made my eyes pop open and me say, "Dude, that wasn't necessary."

    It's all been done before, and Madonna did it better.

  16. We love the conservatory. It's a favorite place for our girls.

  17. I so agree about Adam Lambert. He's so good and talented, he doesn't need to do the shtick. Leave that to Britney.

  18. Is it bad that I hope that those party crashers get in some form of trouble? I am getting so tired of rich and/or famous people not having to live by any rules whatsoever!


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