No Internet!

That's not a vacation, it's torture my friends!!!

I'm running back and forth between Michigan, and Chicago this week:P It's not fun...I mean, it should be fun, but Husband wanted to leave on Monday...he had business in the city Wed and Thurs, so we had to do the mid week drive back to Chicago, and then we'll turn around and go back out to Michigan on Thursday. This is just not easy...add two toddlers into the mix, and you got yourself a big mess!

Oh, I forgot to mention there is no Internet and no TV...Why don't you just rip my arms off, I'm sure it would be less painful:O

*sigh* Anyways (am I the only one who segues into something completely different with "anyways"? I love my *sigh* "anyways...")

*sigh* Anyways, lately Miss Peach has become obsessed with the making of babies. Is this like a turning 4 phenomenon?

She asks: "Mommy, where do babies come from?"

I respond: "Babies come from Mommy's tummy."

She buys that for a while...then...

She asks: "Mommy, how do babies get out of Mommy's tummy?"

I respond: "Mommies go to the hospital, and doctors help take babies out."

This suits her fine for a while...then...

She asks: (and you knew this was coming...) "Mommy, how do babies get into Mommy's tummy?"

Ummmmm....I got nothing....

I respond: "Hey, did you want some ice cream?"

So far...distraction is the best way to respond to this question ("look accessories!")...

What is my 4 friendly answer my friends?


  1. The disco stick? Oh no. Don't say that.

    Mommy and daddy's love for each other puts that baby in there. You know, something like that. Let us know how it goes. :)

  2. Oh seriously, this is SUCH perfect timing, since I just had a conversation with my son tonight about it. I was waxing on about how today (Aug 25th) was his due date and of course that led to the conversation I always dread about how he got out of my tummy.

    Well, I handled it all wrong about 18 mos ago and told him that babies come out where women go potty.

    Because of that, he is convinced that babies are born in toilets and I am not quite prepared to give him the whole truth just yet.

  3. It is too long ago to remember what I told my kids but like Natalie said, Mommy and Daddy love each other and get a baby. Don't worry a little friend will tell them then you just correct it lol...

    Good luck


  4. ooooh that drives me insane when I don't have my internet I have to check on my peeps and somebody has to patrol blogland..and that is me.

    Yep, they all ask eventually

  5. My son has been asking me that recently. I didn't know what to say ..... so..."God put it in there". I need to come up with a better response. You must tell us ALL your answers :)

  6. My 4 year old asked this and I told her babies get in mommy's belly because mom and dad love each other so much. I could barely gag the words out...but the best part? She asked where they came out, and I told her they came out of a lady's private parts. She had no question about this, but when she say my friend, who was very pregnant at the time, she said "I know how babies come out" "Oh, really M, how?" "They come out of your bum." Nice.

  7. maybe you need to get her the breast feeding doll, so she can ask you even more questions!

  8. I've got no advice for you on this one, only sympathy for a week without television and internet and for the shuttling to-and-fro with toddlers.

  9. Distractions are good at that age. I can't remember how I answered that one! I think through time and the movie they show at's all good!

  10. Good luck to you on this one. I am not looking forward to when my son is old enough to ask these questions.

  11. oh I am so lucky none of my children have asked me this yet - and they all pretty much know they got cut out of momma's tummy!

  12. go with love and God, after all it is a little bit of science mixed with a whole lot of miracle ; )

  13. I went through this for the last year - with both my girls (ages 4 & 6) asking me on a fairly routine basis. As my girls wanted nothing less than specifics, I was very frank - and used explicit terminology... though in our house we do say that a vagina is a vagina... and not a hoo hoo or vajay-jay.

    My standard answers were that babies get in mommy's tummy when they do a special cuddle with daddy.

    And about coming out? I told them honestly that depending on how the baby is positioned, that they either come out of their tummy with a little cut... or they come out of their vagina.

    Usually it was followed up with an "ewwwwww that's grosssss"... and I was left alone for another week before they asked me again.

  14. I use anyways as a segue all the time. I love it so much, but my husband says it annoys him. My 4 year old hasn't asked where babies come from yet. He just asked how come I want to have babies, so I got nothin for that question. Let me know what you think of because I know it's coming.

  15. Go with GOD, my child.

    (Shark and I just had the "how do they get out" convo. Fun.)

  16. I'm with Jill on this one, and feel pretty strongly about it. Children can handle the truth because they aren't weirded out by bodies yet.

    Sugar asked about where they come out and I told her the same as JIll did. I explained a vagina like a rubberband that starts small, and stretches bigger when the baby is ready to come out, then goes back small again. She literally said, "THAT is a good idea!" and wasn't bother by it in the least.

    She has not asked about how the baby gets in there yet, but when she does, I'll simply say, "Mommies and Daddies have a special way of cuddling and kissing in private, when they are grown up. The Daddy has a seed and the Mommy has an egg and that creates a baby. When the baby grows too big for the Mommy's tummy she goes to the hospital and the doctor helps the baby come out." or something like that. :) no biggie.


  17. Nice save. ;) I have a two year old and an eight month old and I've told my husband HE will be having the talk. So I'm no help, sorry.

  18. My advice? Use real words. And start using them now. There is enough embarrassment for the kids (and parents) when the real questions begin without having those body part words being taboo.

    I remember the first time I said "vagina" to Justin. Seriously. At least it is past, and I never have to initiate myself again.

    Travel safely!

  19. OH.. she is lucky to have you for a mommy. Your obviously not ADHD. I would have told her exactly where a baby came from before I realized that I should not be saying this graphic info!!!

  20. Mine is obsessed with OUR BAWWW-DEES (bodies). She wants to know what's "inside." ALL day. So, I'm sure MY 4-year-old will be asking this very question SOON! I am ill-prepared! But, I definitely tell my daughter she came out of my vagina on a regular basis - I think it's funny to just tell it like it is.

  21. No internet?? I'd go nuts.

    My son kind of knows about the birds and the he knows about the sperm and egg but he doesn't quite know how that happens. I'm just all, "Oh, a Mommy and Daddy, erm, snuggle.."

  22. We haven't hit this speed bump yet. But a friend of mine (or I read it somewhere, I can't remember) told her kids babies came from a special hug betweeem a mommy and a daddy.

  23. I REALLY think this must be a phase at 4. My daughter is going through the.same.thing.

    Like you, I've got ice cream...and that's about it at this point :)

  24. I got a book for Sarah when I was pregnant with Stella, it's called "It's so amazing!" and it's kind of cartonish. You can just skim over the pictures and then go into it more when she is older. You will use this book MANY times in the next 4-5 years, believe me :-)


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