Shake Shake Shake

I don't know what it is about this video that makes me chuckle...

Is it the fact that The Little Man is running around in a pirate hat and his widgie? Possibly.

Is it the fact that Miss Peach is wearing her pearls, a huge t-shirt and cowboy boots? Maybe.

Could it be that they never stop shaking the shakers? I don't know.

Might be 'cause they're my kiddos, and they just crack me up;P


  1. Miss Peach is wearing her PEARLS!
    and Little Man 'KNOWS this song'!
    You're clearly raisin' em right :o)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome!

    What is Little Man carrying around???


    On another note: though it's tons and tons of fun, I hope the kiddos don't think singing on the corner is a good way to make a living... ;-) LOL!

    And yes, what IS Little Man carrying around?

  4. your kids are SUPPOSED to crack you up. besides, they are pretty cute.

  5. The Little Man carries around a sheepie. He calls it "Widgie". He sleeps with it, and carries it everywhere. The Little Man LOVES Widgie:)

  6. it was cute...and I giggled for all the reasons you mentioned. :) and the wave from miss peach...tee hee

  7. Too cute. Loved it.

    Little Man is getting so big. He looks like he will outgrow Miss Peach soon. Or is it just the angle?

  8. LOL! They're soo cute. They will crack anybody up!

  9. We have a "Widgie" that all three of my boys used.... it is 10 years old now and is part of our living room furniture set now, so we can all use it. :)

    Adorable kids!!!

  10. Widgie is a bit scary... :)

    Love their enthusiasm! Does that song ever end, though? Also, what is with all of the orange shirt kids in the background? :)

    Cute vid.

  11. Love this!

    Love their outfits too. I've seen grown adults wear stuff like that just for fun.

  12. I love how they just make themselves at home. Ms Peach even sits down. Too funny! :)

  13. Oh my goodness.....they are so stinkin' precious!! Love those shakers!!! haha!

  14. Miss Peach loves visiting "The Singer Person" as she calls her:)


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