Well, I feel like I have to tell you the Kohl's story. I mean...I'd hate for someone to think there is something wrong with Kohl's, right? At least...I don't think there is anything wrong with Kohl's. Vera Wang hangs her hat there fer Chris'sake!

Flash back my friends to the 80's. I'm a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who just graduated high school. For whatever reason, the high school I went to was just full of rich kiddos. I'm talking crazy rich. Let me give you an example...The guy I had a major crush on was named Briggs (is that a name?)...he owned two cars. One, a white Volkswagen Scirroco, the other a white convertible Volkswagen Rabbit. Can you imagine being in high school and having two cars to drive!?! Oh, and he had an indoor basketball court in his house (really).

So, there I am, playing tennis and hanging around the Country Club crowd, while driving a car that we nicknamed "The Crate". This car would shake if it went over 55 mph, and sometimes would spontaneously burst. into. flames. Other than was a fine car for a high schooler to drive around in:P

You guessed it...I worked at Kohl's. The Kohl's of the 80's was not cool. I don't know if Kohl's is cool now. I'm just thinking if it's good enough for Vera Wang, it's good enough for me;) Truth be told, there isn't one anywhere near me, so I really don't know.

I was an Esprit/Forenza/Guess wearing Madonna wannabe. 80's Kohl's was not where the hip kids hung out. I used to hate walking through the mall, past the Benetton, past The Kohl's:P

Needless to say, high school Nap Warden had a bit of an attitude problem with her retail job. So bad, that I had been known to answer "not here" with a valley girl accent, when asked where she got her cute outfit. I know, so obnoxious...

Well, one day, my manager called me into the managers office. He sat down at his desk and looked disapprovingly at me.

Him: "Do you know why you have been called into my office?"
Me: ""
Him: "A customer asked to speak to the manager after you rung them up. They claim you treated them like cattle in your register line."

To this day, I have no idea what that means? Does that mean anything to you? Perhaps I wasn't chatty enough in line. I promise I'm a good person. I'm just very methodical, and very efficient. Wouldn't you think 80's Kohl's customer could cut poor Crate driving high school Warden a break?

Ah well...from that moment on, I have always thought (and Husband agrees) the Ad campaign for Kohl's should be "Shop at Kohl's...Where the customer is treated like cattle;P"

So there you go...nothing wrong with Kohl's...just a moment in my past that now makes me chuckle...and no, way to serious manager guy did not fire me, I lasted the whole summer, and then went away to college:)


  1. And it did make me chuckle. I love Kohl's but I have only known the Kohl's since 2001 or so.

  2. Maybe, I'm just saying PERHAPS your customer didn't appreciate when you leaned over and yanked her utters.

    What of Briggs and his Tennis Whites, Dahlink?

  3. Hehe, I worked at Hot Topic when I was in H.S. We were the freakish celebrities of the was odd. Sooo odd :-)

    I think I prefer being treated like cattle to being chatted up while I'm just trying to buy my stuff and get out as fast as humanly possible. Can you tell I'm not a big fan of shopping?

  4. I had a sale clerk job in college where a customer once complained that I was "too cavalier". To this day, I have no idea what that meant either...

  5. Braja sent me here!

    I'll be coming back! I like the way you write...

  6. I had to laugh too. And I'm curious as to what being treated like cattle means as well. Hmmmm...

  7. I don't remember having Kohls in the mall back then. I didn't have the money to shop in HS. Actually I was wearing a uniform, so it didn't matter.

  8. I didn't even know Kohl's was around back then!
    We just got our first one (in the town I was in) back in 2004.. before that, I'd never heard of them.

    I love Kohl's! It's feast or famine there though, I either find tons of stuff, or nothing.

    Perhaps you didn't treat her like a *person* instead you just rushed her through without giving her the proper attention she felt she deserved...

    You know.. like herding cattle.. you just want to get them all in one place all at once.

  9. First timer here. Came from Braja's.

    Loved this post, wondering if you grew up in the SF Valley?

  10. Hi, just stopped by from Braja's. You did a great job on her new layout!

  11. Oh no! High school jobs are never fun, though! I was fired from working at Treats, basically a coffee shop in the mall... the owner told me I should get a job in retail. Even though I knew I'd suit in retail, too. I think I ate too many cookies while on the job! ;)

  12. I'm here via Braja. You did a fab job on her new design. Now, as for that Kohl's job. I worked at Sears in the mid 80s while a college student. Shall we reminisce about the pleasure of staffing the back to school sales? I thought it would never end.

  13. Here from Braja's blog... to pay you a compliment on the great job you did with her layout. The bonus was that I did enjoy a chuckle after reading your post :)

  14. I haven't heard the word Forenza in AGES! Love it. Did you say MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE? LOL.

  15. Treated them like cattle? Does that mean that you prodded and pushed them through? Not that I've never seen that on Black Friday, mind you.

  16. i think i would rather be treated like cattle. the thing i hate about kohls is the long checkout line that seems to take forever! seriously, don't talk to me just get me out of this store before i decide to continue shopping or kill my kids!

  17. I used to work at Kohls too. When the new store in our town opened I was one to the people standing at the door handing out credit applications. IT SUCKED! Ever been completely ignored by 300 people in one day. I have. Suckity. Suck. Suck Suck.

  18. Kohls didn't exist in my neck of the woods, I was so with you, Limited and Limited Express, Guess. All of it.


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