Running to the Altar (part II)

What to blog about...what to blog about? I can't believe NONE of you asked about the 20 miler double back up a canyon...anybody want to hear that one? No...OK...

I'm just messing with you. I told you it was part I:P was a cold day in December...I'm running through the under pass, and who comes towards me? Husband.

We were both nervous. He didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to say. He had tried to call me once when I got back, and I basically told him that he had "ripped out my heart" and that "I wasn't interested in being friends with him". (I had to stick to my guns on that one. The idea of standing by and watching him move on, was something I could not do.)

So, there we were, standing on the snowy path...both of us looking down...not knowing what to say. Dammit! I was still attracted to him (I hated that!).

Finally...he asked me if he could email me. I said that he could...but he better make it a good one.

I don't know if it was a mistake (obviously it wasn't, 'cause I'm married to him with two kiddos), but I beat him back from the run, and I called him to leave a message. Would you believe in all of the misery and moving on after our break up, I NEVER called him. I never drunk dialed him...not even once!

Yet six months later, after seeing him on the trail...I called him and simply left the message "Hey, it was good seeing you out there today." I kid you not...the man still has that saved on his phone today. According to him "that was the moment he knew he was going to get me back."

I'll be the first to tell you...I did not make getting back together with me easy. I continued to date other guys (I told him I'd put him back into the rotation;P) He came back guns a blazin'! Think Big in the SATC movie. I'm telling you, he poured his heart out in emails to me.

Basically, it came down to me doing a whole lot of soul searching. I could either NOT forgive him, move on with my life, and always wonder "what if"...or, I could forgive him, and make a go of it. He was all about getting married at this point, "he knew he had made a mistake" and didn't want to loose me again. (I think the Italian guy I was dating made him nervous, it should have...he was hot!).

Fast forward to Valentine's Day. He took me to Ambria (which then was one of the most expensive restaurants in town). We got to our table, and he hustled off to the bathroom, sweating. The couple next to me was having an argument, she had wanted a ring, and he had not delivered (I am NOT making that up!)

No sooner had that started, did Husband come tearing around the corner with fear. in. his. eyes. He hit his knee at the table, and pulled out the Tiffany's box (I need to interject here to tell you that the OTHER Tiffany's ring was buried in my closet, and haunted me like the Tell Tale Heart. I finally sold it at a second hand jewelry store...what else was I gonna do with it?)

Yes, Husband had not only gone out and bought ANOTHER Tiffany's ring...but he did the right thing, and doubled that carat count;)


This is a man who gives speeches to shareholders, and board members without any nerves at all, and yet...this clearly had him extremely worked up. I really don't think he knew whether or not I was going to say yes...

Not to mention the fact that the couple next to us probably broke up over the fact that I got the ring, and she didn't. (It was my turn my turn)


  1. And what a turn it was!

    Love this line: "I did not make getting back together with me easy. I continued to date other guys (I told him I'd put him back into the rotation;P)"

    Love it!

    Awesome story. Now I wanna see the film version.

  2. Wow. That is a crazy story. You guys are obviously meant to be together. Sometimes it takes a while to get where we belong. Thanks for sharing.

  3. OMG! Seriously, he got you another ring from Tiffany's... I'm soooo glad you married him! Loved reading this post... pages from a good novel! :) You did make the right decision! :)

  4. I love the rotation. Did you ever ask him how that made him feel? It was like the knife that you get to jab and then twist. Good one.

  5. awesome! just awesome.

    and TWO tiffany rings? *snicker* you really rate, don't you? :-D

  6. That is a seriously fantastic proposal story! You need to make that into a movie :)

  7. It was DEFINITELY your turn. Wow. I hope he realizes what he almost missed.

  8. Awesome that you have two Tiffany rings!

  9. You should post a picture of your's fabulous - and I don't think I've seen you wear it in 3 years :-P

  10. He's so lucky. That's all I have to say. He put you through some hell! Double carats was a good move. Even so - he's just damn lucky.

  11. I wonder what logic was going through his mind this whole time? From breakup to proposal? What a GREAT story! And at least by the time you guys got engaged, you were both 200% sure:) Well... hopefully you were... you might have still beeen a little pissed. At least you knew he was committed haha. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Glad for the happy ending. Men. They panic when they meet the right one.

  13. Heck yeah it was YOUR turn! That's a great story.

  14. Back in the rotation... I LOVE IT.

    And you SOLD THE TIFFANY RING? I'm in pain.

    But yeah, doubling the carat count was a dang good idea. :-)

    This is a GREAT story.

  15. I love love stories and proposal stories! I'm glad you got that ring!

  16. yeah - and what a GREAT guy for buying a DIFFERENT RING!!!!!!


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