The Good...The Bad...No Ugly

I feel like I owe you all some updates...I suppose I got some good news...I got some bad news:P

The good news. Our commercial submission made the final round!!! cool is that? They will be announcing the winner on June 30. So keep your fingers crossed, and if you feel like clicking the fifth star on YouTube...that'd be great too (but'cha don't have to)

Now then...the not exactly bad news, but not so good news...The Flash Dance is proving to be quite a challenge:( It seems if I can get the dancers there, I can't get the camera men there...if I can get the camera men there, I can't get the dancers there:P We were going to go for Tues. Now, I have changed it to Friday at 5:30.

Bottom line, if I don't get at least 25 confirmed "yes", we are not a go:( It really bums me out, and quite frankly...I don't know what else I can do. Send good vibes for Friday. Hopefully at 5:30, we will be filming a choreographed routine downtown...Bah!


  1. Wohoo on the commercial submission!

  2. Congrats on the final round and good luck on Friday.

  3. Crossing my fingers for you! Wish I were closer. I'd be happy to flash my jazz hands for you :)


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