Where You Get a Baby

(Scene, Miss Peach in back of the stroller, The Little Man in front...after leaving the park)

Miss Peach: "Mommy, how come some people don't have kiddos?"

Me: "Well Miss Peach, some people just haven't had kiddos yet."

Miss Peach: "Well why don't they just go to the hospital and pick one up?"

If only it were that easy. For now, I think I'll let her think babies are something you can pick up at the hospital;)

Couple things...I gotta mention Idol. Thank goodness I DVR'd the final. Was it me, or did that show last FOREVER?!? I'm cool with Kris winning...he's a cutey, and he won me over (just like everyone else) with his Kayne West cover. So...yay Kris!

Now then...DWTS is a whole 'nother story. Shaun should not have won. I don't get why the judges were so fired up about her freestyle dance? I didn't think it was any better than Melissa's. I was kinda rooting for her:P

Oh, one more thing...go here to vote (you must log on to You Tube and click the rating stars) for Ohmommy's Hastily Made Tourism video...


  1. Oh, if it WERE only that easy...my 4 year has been asking lately how they get out of mamas' bellies and my 7 year old seems much more interested in my answers.

  2. How do you actually vote for the video?

    I didn't watch american idol but i thought kris was way cuter.

  3. I'm with you on DWTS. Gilles totally should have won! Not sure how Shaun pulled it off.

  4. haha... little does she know! ;)My 3 and a half year old wanted to know how he and his brother came out of my stomach. I told him they just cut me open, and out they popped! It was way easier then telling him the truth!

  5. Um, *my* four year old asked me how babies come OUT of the Mommy's tummy the other day. I nearly choked!

  6. Didn't really watch this season of AI, but happy Kris won!

  7. I like "So you think you can dance." LOVE it.

    And how many big stars could they fit into 2 hours? And how OLD is Rod Stewart, anyway???

  8. Thanks for ruining DWTS for me ;-( *snort*
    I have had ZERO TV time lately with all the family in town etc.. I haven't even turned on my computer.

    I'm glad Kris won, I liked Adam but, I'm happy it was Kris.

    LOVE Miss Peach and her thought process ;-) TOO CUTE!
    Voted, of COURSE ;-) Miss ya


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