There is a HUGE mansion going up in the 'hood. I swear, we have been watching this thing go up for almost two years now. Rumor is the windows alone cost a million bucks! (who spends a million on windows?)

Today, we walked by while running some errands (kiddos were in the stroller). There is always an army of construction workers climbing all over the five story monster. They were blasting a radio...

Miss Peach: (in a high mystified voice) "Mommy...that music is...WONDERFUL!"

Any guesses on the song that was playing...ANYONE?

"Today's tom sawyer,
He gets high on you,
And the space he invades
He gets by on you.

No, his mind is not for rent
To any God or government.
Always hopeful, yet discontent,
He knows changes aren't permanent,
But change is.

And what you say about his company
Is what you say about society.
Catch the witness, catch the wit,
Catch the spirit, catch the spit."

Yes people...Miss Peach was completely mesmerized by Rush's Tom Sawyer...I have no idea how I feel about this???


  1. Given the quality of today's music, I think you should be quite pleased.

  2. At least Miss Peach isn't singing "My humps, my humps, I love my lady lumps" or "If You Seek Amy" like my Miss Six is ...

  3. Miss Peach is obviously a gal of classic and discriminating tastes.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and helping me get over 100 comments on my blogiversary!!

  5. Okay, I LOVE that song. I think she has great taste. ;)

  6. Yeah, I've got the 5 year old putting on a show at her playground singing "I kissed a girl and I liked it..." Nice. My only consolation is that she said her friend knew the words also and was singing with her.

  7. My son once sang, "Dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" as we strolled thru a flea market blaring that song. It was funny coming from a 4 year old boy. Nothing like public influences to provide a learning opportunity. That day we learned about the double meaning of 'hot!'

  8. never heard it before! maybe she just liked the beat?

  9. You know what they say. Classic chics did classic rock ;-)

  10. that's supposed to be *dig* :P

  11. It amazes me how much houses go for in the city of Chicago...love Rush!

  12. She is mesmerized, and yet you know all the words! scary, maybe Loverboy?, any other good detasling music?

  13. yep. DearDR has played that for Monkey, and her reaction? "That's funky!" I was like, off with the music. He's corrupting my children.

    Of course, between the two of us, they will probably gravitate toward horrible pop/top 40 or classical/world music. Here's hoping for the latter.



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