Washed Out

O.M.G. ya'll! I am in crisis mode:P Let's start at the beginning, with the good stuff...Then, we'll get to the bad, m'kay?

Straight up, you know I work out. I always make time to work out. Not only that, we eat quite healthy. We rarely eat junk food. I'd say that's mainly because it's not readily available. One would have to drive to get to a fast food place...and I just never drive. This is very common in The Big City.

All of this is leading up to me telling you...I have rock star abs. I mean, if you asked me to post a picture of my abs right now...I'd do it...no hesitation (accept for the fact that I'm too lazy to go take the pic, I would have). That is even after I just ate a big ole' plate of tamales. Swimming has toned the sh*t out of me and left me abolicious (I know it's not a word). So there...abs=rock star.

Now then, I made the mistake of playing with Photo Booth on my Mac Book Pro. Only because I saw literally one minute of Oprah today, and everyone was being interviewed on Skype. This got me to wondering about the little camera that watches me all the time when I am on my computer.

Yeah, I turned it on and...holy washed out, no make up wearing, old lady staring back at me Batman! I kid you not...I will not even post the practice video. It. Is. That. Scary:O Why is my face so washed out...and what can I do about it? I am sitting here right now with no make up on. I never wear make up anymore. Back when I was professional single girl...I would have never gone out the door without it. Now...I never wear it (who has the time).

I don't even know where to start. Do I need a tinted moisturizer (do they even work)? Eyeliner? Base? I kid you not folks...give me the basics. How do I put my face together for basic daily wear? I know what to use if I'm going out (which is never). What works as a daily routine?

I am not kidding you. Abs, no problem...face, problem:P Let's face it folks...the first thing people see when you walk into a room is not your rock star abs. I need a game plan...today was just too scary!


  1. I'll help you on the make-up front, if you tell me how I can get my pre-baby abs back because right now it is not even funny how out of shape I am!

    I wear MAC studio-fix. It 'fixes' everything and I love it! Along with a light bronzer. And I wear Stila eye shadow. Black liquid liner. And MAC lipglass, either C-Thru, Underage, or Prrr. That sounds like a lot, but it looks minimal. At least I hope it does!

    Oops, baby awake again. I'm calling it a night for reals now!

  2. I thought this was going to be a gyno post. heh.

    Well, I'll tell you what I do anyway.

    First up - Olay Regenerist line of products = AWESOME. Tests prove again and again it's as good as stuff you'd pay hundreds for.

    Mascara - Dior Show. Pair with a neutral base on the lids. Quick and perks you up.

    Revlon Age Defying foundations is my current fave. I like to use a a foundation primer and used to use Photofinish (xpensive) but now I use Revlon Age Defying Instant Firming Face Primer. It does not smell good! But it works well.

    I think if you are typically make-upless, I'd go with an SPF tinted moisturizer, and the mascara with a nude base on the lids, and just carmex or a sheer gloss on the lips. That could be done in a couple minutes.

  3. What happens when you have a face problem AND an abs problem??? Then what kind of crisis are you in? Is life worth living then?! Yikes!!

  4. I find the compact creme make up Clinique makes handy when I am in a hurry - I do that a little powder and mascara when I am in a hurry. and the mineral concealers from Almay are nice and quick. I also can't go out without makeup ! I hear ya!

  5. First? Shut up. Because you? Are Hot.

    I don't wear anything on my face. I use moisturizer (Olay) and that's it. Makeup-wise I wear mascara and eyebrow tint every day. And lip gloss. That's my day in day out routine. I wear real makeup, like eyeliner, if I'm going "out", which means never.

  6. OK first let me say I hate you I have never had rock star abs and I want them it is my goal after the baby is born! Ok now that that is out of the way! Try some sunless tan towelettes they help add color to your face without leaving you orange

  7. Yeah, I am offering no make up help to someone with rock star abs. You lost me there. phhhbbbbtttt!!!

    Go to a make up counter. They'll charge you an arm and a leg, but you'll get everything you need in one fell swoop.

  8. I have no advice but I will be back later to hear what others have to say. I am right there with you. I never wear make up either. Too much trouble when the kids are the only ones who see me all day.

    I am there with you on the face part not the abs part. Just thought I would clarify.

  9. I'm reading all your comments here because I need to know where to start too! These days, its just ponytail and bleagh face.....so sad....

  10. I came to the conclusion a little over a year ago that I needed to start wearing a foundation. So I went to Ulta and said: "I hate foundation, but I need it. It has to be fast, too. What would you recommend?" They gave me the Pur foundation powder, and sister, it is awesome. Quick, great coverage, not too outrageously expensive. I now wear their blush as well; a little eyeliner (almay eyeshadow if I'm going out); and burt's bees replenishing lip gloss. Easy peasy.

    Now, if we can make arrangements for you to watch my kids that would be great. So I can have rock star abs, too.


  11. well it would help if we had some damn sun around here!!

  12. Bronzer! I love wearing it because it makes look less like a ghost!

    We all need to work on our skype face because it is only a matter of time before the world knows how fabulous Mommy Bloggers are and everyone wants to talk to us.

    Off to put on some make-up and do some sit-ups!

  13. You are too funny. I never wear make up either and I sell it! Not very helpful but I liked T&T comment some sun would help us ALL :)

  14. I use a bronzer, clinque eye-liner, mascara, and lip gloss before I leave the house. Wish I had rock star abs!

  15. Yeee-aaaah I have rock star abs, too. They are just hidden safely away under a layer (or two) of soft cushioning...ya know, to keep them safe?

    Does moisturizer & Burts Bees lip balm count? If not, I'm not going to be of any help here. ;)

  16. Okay, I would trade my year-round brown skin for rock star abs any day, but this isn't about me... :-)

    My routine is basic, too. I mainly focus on my eyes. Light eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. I add some blush and lipgloss, then I'm ready to go. Two minutes tops!

    If I have more time, I'll put on some cover-up and powder to hide blemishes.

  17. Just wear shirts that expose the abs all the time. Sure it'll be a little chilly but no one will notice you aren't wearing make-up! ;-)

    I usually wear clinique's tinted spf 25, loose powder, mascara and lip gloss. That's it. I stink at putting on make-up anyway. Someone needs to come up with a make-up for moms kit that comes with everything a mom needs that can be put on it 2 minutes.

  18. Laura Mercier has a great tinted moisturizer pair the with mascara and maybe a touch of bronzer and you will be set everyday and it takes the same amount of time as brushing your teeth.

    Miessence has that best mascara eva!

    Kiss my face has great 3 in one colors, you can use them on your eyes and cheeks and lips. they also have damn good tinted moisturizer as well.

    good luck, you know this is my dept as that is what my blog is all about.

  19. I'm in the same boat. Oh wait, I'm not b/c I don't have rock star abs (YET). I've noticed my face looking so scary lately . . . I guess it's an age thing (yikes). I second Arleen13 on the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer - it's fantastic. Quick and easy, with good coverage. On days I'm short on time - uh, yeah, most of them - I use that and add a bit of blush or bronzer, and then mascara.

    When I have more time or am going out, I use the Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder - it's fantastic. My sister introduced me to it after I told her how amazing her face was looking. I got sucked into buying it (it's $$$$$) but it really lasts forever - I bought mine last summer and am still using it. I love it, and have had people comment on my face since wearing it. NO WAY that would happen without it, I look pretty rough these days :)

  20. This past December I went to the Bobbi Brown makeup counter and had my face re-done. While I don't love everything they did - my favorite thing was the under eye tint they showed me how to use. It completely lifted my eyes and made my face "pop".

    I also use Mac Studio Fix in NC 35 and it's awesome! A little bit goes a long way....

    And my signature... Mac lipliner in Plum or Burgundy - with a little chapstick on top.

  21. Oh gosh I would terrify ya'll with no makeup but I agree with Amy on the Olay Regenerist line. The ROC line (comes in gold packaging and is sold at drugstores or at drugstore.com I believe) is also great. They have a great little tub of microdermabrasion cleansing pads.

    I think less is more with makeup.

    My problem is dark circles under my eyes...ugh!

    p.s. I'd kill to have rock star abs! I had them in my 20s...LONG time ago sistah!

  22. i don't know if i can be friends with your abs anymore... well, unless you want to see my rock star quads! and the face...well, i don't even understand some of the makeup lingo in the comments so i can assure you that i am no help in that department!

  23. I could probably run 3X as much as you and never get rock hard abs. Damn genetics...

    Oh, and Photo Booth, I had to sit way back in the chair. Otherwise it looks funny for me too. I get all washed out and can see all the lines in my face.

  24. I wouldn't worry too much about how you looked on Photo Booth - there are certain places and lighting that are just plain mean. My face always looks horrible at the hairdresser - the hair looks great, but something about the lighting. But I have discovered the wonders of pure Vitamin C and highly recommend it. I got the Philosophy powder version from Sephora and it makes your skin firm and you glow!!


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