Stock it Up...Breathe

OK, I had a long list of client work to get done the past couple weeks. Which is great, paying clients=good:) That said, the stock site has been on hold a bit.

Well, I am only working a couple clients right now, so I dug back into finding more artists for the site. Now, I am not backing down or anything...but between you and me, it's a bit intimidating talking to potential illustrators:O I put a post on Deviant Art in the jobs forum. Immediately, I get some long time member saying my post should be in the projects forum and not the jobs forum...Sorry, I'm new here (no need to be mean):P Regardless of where the project is posted, I have had more than a handful of talented folks expressing interest. That said, some are in other countries, which means I have to check into how Paypal does international billing and payment (doable, I just didn't foresee artists in Budapest).

It has been quite frustrating dealing with the college dept. head. He seems to be insanely busy. I have been told countless times the he is on board with this project, but things are moving very slowly. He sent out a mass email (supposedly today) to the illustration dept. Next, he is setting up a meeting so students can submit work, and ask questions. (Let's get on with it already)

Don't even ask me about the actual web site. Right now, it's parked here. I need to figure out how to do a plug in so if clients pay, it releases the files to them. I know Papal has this...I may need to move to another platform to use it? I might have to hook up with an actual code guru for this...I can rock a blog with the best of them...but, when it comes to code, I am completely self taught (I might be overestimating my abilities here)

I can't explain it...I just feel jittery about all of this. Does that make sense? I want this to fly, I think it's a good idea. It's all on my shoulders...and between you and me...I have moments of feeling I'm in over my head:O Deep breaths...deep breaths...


  1. deep breaths for sure.... i can't imagine being in your shoes but then again why worry, you are so talented. true.

  2. Y'know, feeling jittery is good. It forces you to put in your best effort. I'm sure you'll make things work in the end!

  3. You might be able to find out how to get the transaction to work the way you want if you take a spin around some sites that sell embroidery patterns. They are digital files, and they get released after you make a payment. Kinda the same thing.

  4. Sometimes, I guess, being jittery is good. It keeps you focused.

    Hope you had a great Easter.

  5. keep believing in yourself, and take one step at a time. I know you can do this. You are a go getter!

  6. All good things require deep breathing. You simply have to get in over your head to get a good thing going....

    You're gonna be alright....and so is that brilliant site of yours.


  7. Just checked out the website again. Love the new work you've done.

    It will come together.


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