The Party's Over

It truly pains me to write this *big sigh* Straight up...I feel like the last person leaving the party, turning out the lights.

Yesterday...after the Today Show appearance (watch it here, I can't bear to post it on my blog) by our now infamous former Governor...I marched outside with a paint scraper, and went after the bumper of our car.Can I tell you that thing was every bit as stubborn as the man himself:P*

Here's the thing...I was in a small room at the dawn of a new era for Illinois when a Congressman, with a name no one could pronounce, gave one of many speeches promising "change". He delivered his words every bit as eloquently and exciting as another politician, who stood on the world stage and called for "change", then went on to be elected President. What I can't wrap my head around is why/where/how did it all go so wrong?!?

I think, if you weren't there, you can't understand the promise and potential the man had. I kid you not...had you told me then, that Former G. Rod would be President...I would have believed you. That man, is not the man you see today discussing eating bugs with Meredith Vieira to the Today Show audience, seriously. It saddens me:(

I defended him every step of the way. I told my neighbors to the north "not to believe everything you read", years ago when the first talk of wire taps came out in the paper. Even now, I'd like to see him beat the rap. I'd love to see him hunker down in his house and lawyer himself out of it.
Stand up and be the man you started out being...where is the dignity?

I refuse to buy into the adage "all press is good press". Does that include whoring yourself out to any reality show that will point a camera at you? I refuse to believe that....

I don't know...perhaps the Judge had it right Tuesday when he said "There comes an epiphany moment, when a defendant will take delivery of the hundreds of thousands of pages of evidence and thousands of hours of wiretaps gathered against him...Then and only then, will he fully understand the jeopardy." Perhaps he really doesn't grasp the scope of the situation he now finds himself in.

It just reads as if he is using the whole situation as a way to broker some deal, any deal that will make a quick buck. It seems to me, when you are ready to cut that deal...your credibility, like Elvis, has left the building.

*new rule-no more political bumper stickers on the car.


  1. Oh my goodness. I can't believe you went scrapper happy on your bumper.

    FYI, I bought a used car with one. I took an extension cord and a blow dryer outside, heated that baby up and it came right off!

  2. I gave myself that rule a while back too. We're learning. ;)

  3. i would say that rule is a very good idea! good luck getting it off the rest of the way. or maybe you could just find a funny one to cover the old one up.

  4. The whole situation is surreal. Having grown up in Louisiana, I feel for you, because trying to "keep the faith" when it seems like everything around you is f*ed up, politically speaking, is a challenge.

  5. Didn't the hair tip you off? I assumed that the was going for the insanity defense.

  6. I'm sorry that you are so disappointed in him. I worked long and hard for Governor Clinton and could NOT believe the messes he got himself into.

  7. next time, go for a car magnet....way easier to scrape off in disgust, trust me:)


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