My Take (Lost & Twitter)

OK, first up LOST. I had to re watch it (which I hate) Random things...

-No sh*t Benjamin Linus was the one behind the lawyer harassing Kate and Aaron. It's his leverage to get her to go with them back to the island:P

-I wish I had been more excited about Jin being alive. I feel like the show has been so whacked out, why wouldn't Jin still be alive. Why not just bring back the Hobbit as well?!? My question (not that it matters) is Jin in the same time loop that everyone else on the island is in? So, are Sawyer and the gang currently in the crazy French woman's (Danielle Russo) arrival on the island time, along with Jin? Just wondering if all the islanders are on the same page...

-I think that Elle (I think that was her name, the girl with the gun who lead Daniel to the bomb) is Daniel's mother. Not only that, but I think that Widmore is Daniel's Father. Awww snap! Think about it...they were both on the island at the same time, and Ben is in LA with the white haired lady (Elle), and Widmore knew exactly where Daniel's mother was (LA) when Desmond demanded to know. I'm just saying...

-Another question, who is Sun working with? Who sent her the photos of Ben and Jack, along with the gun? Is she working with Widmore? I don't think Widmore wants Ben dead, he just wants him to get him back to the island, right?

-Truth be told, I'm not feeling all this time boping that they have going on. I think it's kind of random. Up to this point, it seems nothing on this show has been all has this Izzy talking to dead Denny *sigh* about it (ya know, like they've lost their direction) I feel like I just want to tap on my TV and say "Hello writers...are you still in there? Do you know where you are taking me?" I mean at least I know that Jack Bauer is going to take me from point A to point B. It's gonna take 24 hours...but I'm gonna get there, guns a blazing. I'm not sure LOST is taking me from point A to point B anymore...

Next up Twitter...
I like it, I (in one week) have gone from about 270 followers to over 500 followers. There are a few things I don't get. Like if I follow someone, and they don't follow me back, why would I keep following them? That seems like a one sided conversation. You will notice that I have more followers than I follow. That is because I don't follow people/sites that just tweet sales, or posts. I follow people who are having conversations...not just pushing their product or agenda...make sense?
I have found a couple little Twitter aplications that I like:

I really like plug in your twitter name and it shoots out other folks for you to follow. It doesn't do anything automatically, but it is a good way to find more people. I find Twitter to be more fun when you are following more people. More people=more conversations to have.

Another application I'm diggin is Freind or Follow, it tells you who isn't following you that you are following, as well as listing who follows you that you are not following. I do follow a few folks who don't follow me...but for the most part, if someone doesn't follow back in a week or so, I quit following them. It's just the way I see it...

I also have found My Cleaner useful. This application lets you know who isn't tweeting anymore. I like to weed them out. I had a few folks who hadn't tweeted in 6 months. So, I unfollowed. Again, this probably doesn't matter. I just like the idea of keeping my list up to date....I'm wound a bit tight;)

I have not gone down the Tweetdeck road, simply because I have heard that it slows down your computer...I just can't have that. I also don't tweet from my phone (although I would love to) mainly because I am afraid I would lose a child if I had Twitter at my fingertips at all time...I would not be able to control myself:O

That's all I got for now...I am digging should check it out, 'cause it's fun. If you do, I'm here so follow me:) Oh, and I am rocking Twitter pages on my design site as well, so if you want a cool custom me!


  1. Did you catch that MILES was on the island before? He's the baby in the crib a few episodes ago. Not sure how Charlotte fits in, but she was on the island previously too. Jin meets up with all the Losties at some point, just read it in TV Guide

  2. I swear Lost has me confused and ticks me off but I can't stop watching it. What's with all the nosebleeds and crap. The time warp thing is a mess.
    I haven't been tweeting like I used to although I do like it. I just can't keep up with everyone! I'll have to follow you though.

  3. I always have to blow past you LOST posts. I stopped watching the middle of last season due to our rather prolonged move. I am waiting catch up on DVD.
    Thanks for all the good info on Twitter. I will have to try some of the those features. I use Twirl and like it. But I have nothing to compare it too. Since it is all I have ever used.

  4. I am SO RIGHT THERE WITH YOU about Ellie and Widmore being Daniel's parents. I think the time-bop is all going to make sense by the end of next season. I think Jin and the Sawyer/Juliette/Locke crew are all looping together. Sun is TOTALLY working with Widmore, imho. I tried Twitter and all it does is make my computer go nutso. Maybe I'll check it again.

  5. that was totally my first thought that Ben was behind the whole Kate thing to scare her into going back to the island. I have a lot of the same questions as you and I really wish they would stop with the time warp. It is driving me crazy. Hubby and I totally knew that was Russo when she was talking to Jin it was so obvious especially when she took her coat off and she was pregnant. Never thought about Widmore being Daniel's father but good possibility. I still am addicted to this show even if it is super confusing.

  6. I'm not a Lost Twitter.

    My you really have some idea of who everyone is that you follow??? I can't quite get into the whole total stranger

  7. I like the stranger thing., it is called networking!

    I use twubble too. and I totally dis on the people that don't follow be back. I give them about a week. I figure some people get busy. sometimes I try and make a random shout out to them if I really like what they do or their blog or something. friend or follow is awesome too! never heard of the other! I might have to try that out!

    keep up the good work!!

  8. can you believe it!?? I have over 700 follows so I can't use it!!! I think I have 834 right now, so I can't use mr cleaner. wtf

  9. Thank you SO much for the Twitter Tips! I'm fairly new to Twitter and I didn't know about ANY of that because I'm pretty clueless! LOL! I appreciate the info!! (p.s. I'm JustJingle on Twitter!)

  10. I'm not feeling LOST at all lately. I hate the time-travel. Don't get me wrong, I'll never stop watching, I just hope they clear some things up soon.

    I'm not feeling Twitter, either. I only joined recently, though, and I just don't think it's that fun. Maybe it's because I only have like 10 followers. LOL

    Well, this was a pretty lame comment! :P

  11. I'm pretty done with the flashing on Lost as well - very different perspective you have . . . I have never twittered - i guess I need to get with it

  12. I don't watch Lost, just can't have another show I "have" to see weekly. I Twitter every now and then but I am trying to get back, I just can't keep up with it all. I just hope we don't lose you completely to Twitter.heh!

  13. Sorry, I don't watch LOST, but I love me some twitter!!! Thanks for all the cool websites!

  14. oh my god. There is so much I don't know about twitter. Wow. I'm so obsessed with Facebook, that I forget to twit or tweet or twiddle. I'm Lost.

  15. I know about Jin- crazy. If he is alive, Is Michael alive then?
    Or did he really die to for better of the island- per Cristian telling him 'you can go now" before he died.

    I love the show!

  16. okay, so this is the post to blame for me being 10 posts behind on your blog in my reader. i wanted to wait to read your twitter insights when i might have time to actually follow through and LEARN what you have learned.

    thanks for all of the info!


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