We Have to Go Back!!!

So, I pretty much dropped out for an entire week of skiing. Did I miss anything? I don't know...maybe like a commercial jet landing on the Hudson, or Willie Mcgahee taking a wicked hit on the Steelers Baltimore game (OK, I saw that in a restaruant), possibly the inauguration of Barack Obama? Funny how the world keeps chugging along, reguardless of whether or not you pay attention;P I gotta tell you, I kind of feel like a martian...I missed it all! On the upside, the skiing was EXCELLENT!

Now let's get serious folks, the biggest thing I couldh've missed is the season premier of LOST! No, I did not miss it! I made it home for LOST...a girl's gotta have priorities ya know! I am gonna dive in...you know I don't hold back...if you haven't seen it yet, look away...here goes...

First...and foremost...I DO NOT TRUST BENJAMIN LINUS! Well done Hurley. You know I think the name of the show should be Always Listen to Sayid. That said, it is not clear to me that the people Hurley surrendered to are cops. Remember the tall bald guy that has been floating around from last season? I think one of the folks taking Hurley was him? Who is he...I forgot? Sayid said "whatever Benjamin Linus tells you to do, do the opposite". I am not trusting him...

Second...Penny was Desmond's constant. That is why he stopped getting the nosebleeds and his brains didn't ooze out. Daniel's constant is Desmond. What is the criteria for the nosebleeds and brain oozing? I thought it was time travel. Why is the red headed chick the only one getting the nosebleed? If everyone on the island is "spinning through time", why are they not getting the nosebleeds? Confused???

Third...are you as lost as I am? Who the heck is shooting flaming arrows at them? Why was it OK for Daniel to make contact with Desmond, but not Sawyer? (oh I missed Sawyer) Is Locke in two places at once? How can Locke be spinning through time, and off the island? Can the folks on the island go forward in time, past Jack and the gang coming back? Who was the white haired lady talking to Ben Linus at the end? Could that be Daniel's Mom? What information would she have for Desomond? (I missed me some Desmond)

Bring it on my Losties...what did you think? I am thoroughly confused...and soooo happy to have LOST back! Ahhhh...I am so LOST!


  1. Perhaps the other people have one another as constants? I don't know about that one.

    This was a great episode. I'm so glad LOST is back!

  2. I read your first two paragraphs and stopped because I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET! I'm just hoping it lives it up to my expectations, because I want it to be really good.

  3. All I can say is my nose is bleeding from my brain working too hard to figure out what the heck is up.

    And, that's OK with me.

    I was GLUED for 3 hours last night. GLUED.

  4. Whew. I thought maybe it was just me. I am thouroughly and utterly confused. More than ever.

    No clue about the nosebleeds. I really am not thrilled about the whole time-travel aspect of the show because it's just too hard for my addled brain to understand. Especially by 9 pm! I had high hopes when Sawyer slapped Faraday and demanded an explanation, but it didn't actually help me at all.

    I think the white haired lady is the same one that visited Desmond before and spoke cryptically about his 'visions' or something... Memory is fuzzy.

    I have a hard time remembering all the details from past seasons. It will probably all become clear to me again at the end of this season, just in time to wait another 9 months for a new episode and forget everything again.

    The whole show could be in korean, actually, and I'd still be glued to the set, just to see Sawyer parading around without his shirt... *dreamy sigh*

  5. The nose bleeds are associated with Time Travel and a being exposed to a strong electro magnetic current at some time. Faraday was exposed in Oxford, Desmond was exposed in the Hatch when it blew up, and the dead guy on the boat was a radio operator. All the rest of the time travelers were not exposed to a strong current except Locke, and the red headed girl. We don't know her story yet.

  6. You'll be outta the martian feeling in no time! Unfortunately, I'm not a "watcher" of LOST...I know...I'm "rare"! But I know lots of people do and love it!

  7. It's just so awesome to be back. The flaming arrow throwers must be the "hostile natives" the Others--or was it the pre-Others--ended up killing. I just can't get enough--both episodes were incredible! You know who I don't trust? Sun. She's up to something. INTENSE between her and Kate. EEE! Can't wait until next week!!!

  8. Ooooh, good point about Sun! I totally forgot about that. Did she strike up some alliance with Penny's Dad? She is up to something...

  9. I totally skipped part of this post. I haven't seen it yet!!!! BTW, you are a total rock star skiing in your clip :) What fun!

  10. First-time commenter and 17-year SAHM: Looks like once again we have more questions than answers! Hopefully, as the season unfolds, we'll start to figure things out. lostpedia.com is a great resource for all things "Lost."

  11. It was a great episode! I missed Sawyer (and don't mind his little stomach pooch!) I like that Hurley threw off Ben's plans but am wondering how he's going to get out of jail?

    In the flashback where the Asian man who narrates the Dharma videos goes into the tunnel and tells the crew not to keep digging, one of the men is on the ground with a nosebleed and Daniel was there and saw him on the ground. I think he knows why the red haired woman is bleeding too and not saying anything.

    Does anyone remember when Sun was giving birth and asking for Jin? Didn't it seem like he was in the hospital at the same time delivering the stuffed panda? Or am I totally confused?

  12. We are thrilled to have this back!! Eeeek!

  13. I FINALLY got to watch LOST. Oh my God, so good. I loved the first two hours. I am wondering now about more of the specifics of the time loop they're stuck in. Is it trapped within a certain time (50 years, 20 years) or something? Or someone's lifetime? How far back and forth can they go? Agh!


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