Faded 80's Nightmare

Another great day of skiing! Yes, I miss Husband and the tots. It is totally easier being away knowing they are with Daddy:)

Remember yesterday, I told you I become a bad song singing guru when I hit the mountain? Well, more of the same today:P You know I play the guitar and sing? Many moons ago, I used to think my dream job would be to drop out, and be an apres ski singer at a bar on the mountain. I amended that today, and decided I need to start an 80's cover band (with The Bro and Janet of course). What's the name you ask? Faded 80's Nightmare:P
We spent the rest of the morning coming up with our set list. Here it is...be afraid...

-Open with a little- Heartbeat by Don Johnson (does anyone remember this horrible song?)
-Then bust into some- My Girl Wants to Party All the Time by Eddie Murphy (Why?)
-Let's make it ugly, Jack Wagner- All I Need...(Is just a little more time...) can you say mullet?
-What about some- I've Done Everything for You by Rick Springfield (You've done nothing for me)
-Then old school Wham- Bad Boys (do, do, do, do, do, do, do)
-Bust a little Greg Kihn Band- Our Loves in Jeopardy...Baby...(Where were you, when I needed you?)
-Tommy Tu Tone- Jenny Jenny, you're the girl for me...(You don't know me but you make me so happy)
-It ain't the 80's without Culture Club- Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (Do you really want to make me cryyyyy)
-Bringing us to Dead or Alive- What I Really Want to do...(is to find my self a brand new lover)
-Best song ever, Real Life- Send Me an Angel...(Right now!)
-Took me forever to come up with this, Haircut 100- Love Plus One...(and a ray, and a ray...)
-I'm gonna cut you loose with one last song, Toto- Hold the Line...(Love isn't always on time...woa, woa, woa...)

Thanks for coming out to see us tonight! Be sure to stick around for the Ugliest Coat on the Mountain Contest....

Are you ready? I said, ARE YOU READY??? Bring on the ugly coats...

Contestant #1Really, this one left me speechless. Talk about faded 80's nightmare...

Contestant #2Ummm...Prison Break???

Contestant #3Evil Knievel, so glad you could join the contest...

Contestant #4We saw this one paired with cheetah print pants...the black pants didn't help...

Contestant #5And...leaving you with another faded Aztec 80's disaster....

We'll be here all week folks. Come back tom. for more bad coats...and as always, "You stay classy!"


  1. wow - you weren't kidding

  2. wow you weren't kidding

  3. hilarious...the songs AND the jackets...
    their sense of style is in jeopardy...baby...

  4. #5 was the worst. Now you got rickroll one of them.

  5. I agree, #5 is the biggest loser.

    I Love the set list, I was singing along with ya and my hubby just shot me a weird look from across the room. He just doesn't get it...LOL

  6. wow. that is hellaciously awful!! can't wait for the next installment.

  7. Wow. I'm speechless. About all of it. ;)

  8. Ummm... I kind of liked #4 *blushing*

    1 and 5 were REALLY bad, though.

    What do I know? I've never even skiid.

  9. No. 1 - I absolutely love the ugly coat photos, especially the way they're taken from behind like who me? I'm not taking a picture of you're fugly ass coat.

    And No. 2 - I would totally be in the front row of all of your gigs, waving a lighter in the air.

  10. I just tagged you on my blog with an award because I like your blog, not because I think you're illiterate. When you see the award, you'll understand.

  11. Evil Knevil (sp) LMAO!!

    Those were truly awful!!

  12. #1 was the worst for me. What was she thinking?

    Where is Stacy London when we need her?

  13. Eeks...the 80's aztec...yucko! Keep enjoying yourself and be safe;)

  14. I don't think I could choose the worst. Keep having fun and I will be back for the next concert and installment of the worst coats.

  15. number 2 is pretty bad also. Although I wore some pretty hideous things in the 80's, that did not extend to my ski-wear

  16. I think the winner is #3. Not only is it heinous but her jacket looks a bit tight and a little short. Glad you are having a blast!

  17. those are AWESOME in the 80's. Thanks for the laugh!

  18. I'm impressed by how handy your camera has. I recently realized I just can't do the 365 days of pictures b/c I never have my camera with me!

    Just think... maybe these folks are being FRUGAL and have saved their outfits for the last 2 decades. Maybe?!

  19. I'm gonna go ahead and cast my vote for #1.

    And - OMG I had forgotten that Don Johnson ever attempetd to sing.

  20. This post made me laugh...some of those songs were downright terrible. All of the jackets...ewwww...what were they thinking.

  21. Oh my Lord . . . I didn't read this before commenting on today's post. Now THESE are really 80's nightmares! Holy frozen cow!

    I don't even have words.

    And that song list . . . yeah, no words for that either.

  22. The Aztec one takes the cake in my opinion.... hilarious!!

  23. That crowd would totally did your 80s covers. You should jack up the ticket price.


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