Would you believe, in all my travels, I have never sat next to a cool person on a plane? That is until my trip home from San Diego. Husband stayed an extra day for a conference, so I was traveling alone. I sat in the terminal and chatted with a girl sitting next to me. Southwest Airlines has no assigned seating (which I never knew), and this girl saved a seat for me on the plane (score, I never get to sit up front!)
So, Jen (cool plane girl) and I chatted all the way back to Chicago (yes, AFF that is why your header was a day late). Jen lives with her helicopter pilot (cool job) husband in Miami (say hi to Horatio for me), while she finishes law school. We talked bad TV, and movies all the way home (makes for a fast flight...yay!)
Somewhere along the way, the movie Sin City came up (Frank Miller, fabulous movie, loved it).

I said: "I can't believe that was Mickey Rourke!"
Then I said: "Remember when Mickey Rourke was hot?"
Then Jen said: "Mickey Rourke was hot?"

Hello, my name is Nap Warden and I am 900 years old!:P Does anyone out there remember the 80's when Mickey Rourke was the it bad boy hot guy? 9 1/2 Weeks...anyone? How about this...Remember this guy? I was in high school when 9 1/2 Weeks came out, his character was such an a**hole...but he was sooooo hot! I remember all of us high school girls just loving him.

I can't bring myself to post a picture of what he looks like now:( What happened to him? If you are unaware, just google Mickey Rourke in images, you'll be shocked. I know he was a boxer, but his face does not look right. Is this plastic surgery gone wrong?

He was phenominal in Sin City. I have also read excellent reviews on his new movie The Wrestler. Both he and Marisa Tomie (who I also love) are nominated for best acting credits.
But his face...what happened to his face? Does anyone know? Can anyone tell me? It's just so sad:(

Speaking of jeans, which no one was doing...I believe I owe you all proof of my insanely tight jeans. Hold on...let me run upstairs and take a pic...(cue Jeapordy music)Now it me? These bad boys seem pretty darn tight, don't they? (yes, I blackened out my abs in Photoshop) Perhaps I'm just too conservative? I put them on and I think "can a Mommy of two do tight jeans?" I've worn them twice...I hate to admit, I'm a bit freaked when I wear them:P I know, I think too much...


  1. Girl, you are HOT in those jeans. I can fit in mine now, too & it does wonders for my self-esteem!

    Yes, I remember when Mickey was hot and it pains me to see him now. Thank you so much for not posting a recent pic of him. They just induce nightmares. WHAT HAPPENED?!

  2. I think the jeans look good (rawr) and what happened to Mickey? I think the bottle happened to Mickey. I want to see the Wrestler, only heard good things about it.

  3. I'm right there with ya, Mickey WAS hot - I remember. He took a good mugshot:

    And if I fit in jeans like yours, I'd wear them everyday - 2 kids or not.

  4. Yes, a mommy of two can wear tight jeans, if that mommy is you. Pretty darn cute jeans! I must be 1000 years old. I was in college when 9 1/2 weeks came out. He was pretty hot then.

  5. first off - CUTE jeans! I dont' get what is wrong with them?

    Second - Mickey R with hi slips right now??? Too many injections! and I am as old as dirt as well - b/c I do remember how fricking handsome he was!

  6. I don't know who that guy is but he doesn't look bad. Also those jeans look fine to me. It's all in your head!

  7. Im 900 years old as well.
    I have never been seated next to the cool kids on a flight.
    I have see your badassbod in person and know you can ROCK tight jeans.
    I have a Toddler here thisclose to tantrum.

  8. Please. If a mommy of 2 can't still wear tight jeans, then what next? You look great...nice photoshop modesty:) Sin was different...totally my hubby's kind of movie, but I liked it!

  9. The jeans are fabulous! Don't remember that movie...I am old as dirt and still can't must be dementia:)

  10. Wow! You look hot! You make me want to eat vegetables (only).

    Also, sure, I remember the hot Rourke. But, when I think of Sin City..., I think of CLIVE!

  11. You are seriously rocking those jeans. I think it's hysterical that you blacked out your abs. Much better than having to photoshop out a muffin top, which is what I would have to do, if I knew how to use freaking photo shop.

    I remember when Mickey was hot and have mourned the passing of his hotness when seeing the promos for The Wrestler. Remember Bar Fly? That could mark the beginning of the end.

  12. Holy 9 1/2 weeks was the best movie ever. And I just saw a preview with Mickey last week. I mourn the loss of mickey's face. It's just absolutely insane now.

  13. I am also nearly 1,000 years old. Hell I am nearly 40 so I think I AM if you are 900! ;)

    And if I could wear jeans that tight I would. YOU GO MAMA!

    p.s. I do remember when Mickey was hot. I also remember when Brad Pitt was a skinny young thing in Thelma and Louise and MTV actually aired music videos. Ha!

  14. The jeans are perfect and so was Mickey Rourke. Damn, he was hot.

  15. mickey rourke never did it for me.

    you in those jeans though? that rocks!

  16. Wow if you were 900 and still looked like that in those jeans...WEAR THEM!

  17. You are so brave... on many fronts. I never talk to the person next to me. Never. Although I'm not convinced I've missed out on anyone cool.

    I'm too scared to wear a pair of tight jeans. What will I look like? Will I feel fat?


    And I'm surprised you've never sat next to anyone cool since you have had so many celeb connections!

  18. Yes, a mommy of two can wear jeans that tight. But only if she can manage to look THAT hot in them. Woohoo!!
    I never thought Mickey Rourke was hot. Blech. Sorry. ;)

  19. Funny to read you now after working with you - :-)

    ALWAYS cool to sit next to a cool person unless the person you are talking to thinks YOU'RE cool and you think you are NOT. That's a tough one. Anyway - seems like you both were on the same page making the flight that much better.

    Jeans look absolutely killer. Even being 900 years old, I would wear 'em.

  20. Um, you're 900 years old. I don't ever remember Mickey being hot. ;-)

    You, however, are smokin'!

  21. Those jeans are so cute!!

    Mickey rourke scares me!! He gives me the chills!

  22. I made a comment and clicked away right as I saw that my comment was rejected.

    Bottom line - wear the jeans!

  23. Woo Wooo!! Hotness!!!!

    Thank you for posting those.

    Yes, I remember when M.R. was hot. *sigh*
    and I looove AFF's new header!

  24. Wear those jeans and wear them proudly!!! You look great!

  25. I was thinking the same thing when I seen him "what happened to his face" it has be ...too much plastic surgery. He looks plain weird now...

    And you rock those skinny jeans... they look great on ya :)

  26. Yes I remember when he was hot and oh, was he hot.
    I think it was plastic surgery plus he tried boxing out for awhile too, but yeah, yikes.

    Nice jeans! Look at you super fit, making me feel all fat.

  27. I do remember hot Mickey! And kids or no kids you have every right to (and the body for) wearing those tight jeans! :) Go Girl Go!

  28. I think the jeans are JUST right, hawt!

  29. you should wear those jeans all of the time!!! as soon as i have abs and not a muffin top i plan to wear some tight jeans too!

  30. you should LIVE in those jeans...heck, i would if i looked like that!! and no muffin top.
    i...TOTALLY remember when mickey rourke was hot. i loved him. he looks so vile now. but his new movie, the wrestler...gets 5 stars so...i guess i will have to just squint when he is on screen...

  31. I think the general consensus is the jeans thing is all in your head!

  32. I want a seat next to NAP W on my next southwest AA trip! :-)






  33. I didn't complain about the header, did I? I love it. Kudos for cool plane girl. Did you tell her you were the warden? And, I don't know who Mickey Rourke is. Am I in trouble?

  34. Forget the jeans...I'm dig'n the cowboy boots!

    Darl'n, if I had the skinny waist? I'd be wearing tight jeans and show'n the belly too.

    One day..


  35. I don't know this Mickey person....

    Woohoo! hot momma in your skinny jeans!! they look great, do NOT be afraid to wear them!

  36. cool plane girl here, and have to agree that the flight was awesome, great conversation and it was fabulous to chat with someone who appreciates movies/tv as much as i do. :) and you're right, young mickey was hot, but not as hot as Gerard Butler (sigh)... btw, the jeans are HOT! mommy or not, you do the world a disservice by NOT wearing them, so get out there and strut your stuff!

  37. Hey Jennifer, you will never guess who is starring in The Watchers?!?
    Denny *sigh* I 'bout died when I saw the trailer...I'm going to do a post about it in case you don't see this!

  38. I have to come here more often. I wish I look this great when I was young. You rock.

    And u r right, Mickey was rocking in the 80s, its kind of scary to see him now. plastic surgery/botox gone bad but am happy his career is having a resurgence.

  39. OMG I used to think he was super sexy especially in 9 1/2 weeks. Now... not so much!!!! I left an award over at my blog for ya!


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