This is gonna sound crazy...but here it is...I kinda don't like the girl I play tennis with:P There, I said it. She is a mom from Australia that my coach set me up to do a drill session with once a week. I can't figure out why she bugs me...she just bugs me. Does this happen to you?

I don't get the impression she particularly likes me, and I do a pretty good job of hiding the fact that she bugs me. This week, not as much. She just kept asking me "what I want for Christmas", and telling me "how mad she would be if her Husband didn't buy her ____.", and "he better buy me something or____."...Whatever.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not a Scroodge McDuck. I'm just not so into Christmas. Yes we will get a tree, yes there will be presents under it, yes I like presents. That being said, I am not pining away hoping someone buys me ____.

I don't know, maybe it's because I spent 15 years making trader money and buying myself whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Maybe it's because I moved three times in the last three years. I don't find myself wanting stuff. I have kind of become a bit of a minimalist.

Why does this girl bug me so much? I am in way better shape than her. She does hit the ball hard, and she is a good match up for me. It p*sses me off when she beats me...bah, I hate it! That is not the reason she bugs me. I just can't put my finger on it.

So, I have spent the week thinking about things I want. My list is lame...and it can't be bought.

-I want to be able to do a kick turn in the pool (I used to be able to do this, and I can't remember how)
-I want to qualify for the d*mn Boston Marathon
-I want to beat the Australian I hit with more than she beats me
-I want the Dow to be back at 12,000

How lame is that?!? I spent the better part of today thinking about things I want...and this is what it comes down to:P It's what I want.

So dear Husband, I know you are wondering what to buy your lovely wife, and since I know you can't do a kick turn...maybe a new tennis racket under the tree (grip size 4 1/2")
Am I crazy??? I'm crazy:P


  1. She sounds kinda whiny to me. I can't stand when anyone whines--especially when I'm the one whining. Ick.

    And, due to my competitive nature, I never like to lose. I'm sure you are a gracious loser, but the sheer fact that someone who bugs you, is clearly whiny and WINS means that the earth is ever so slightly off its axis and you just want to right it.

    Here's to you getting that kick a$$ racket (and kicking her tail).

  2. Anyone who says, "he'd better get me" bugs me. Blech. That is enough to do it in my book. I don't blame you.
    But it is probably good to have a partner that makes you mad cuz then you REALLY want to beat her. ;)

  3. HA - that was funny - some people are just damn annoying! I'm with you though - I want nothing either! I made my own money for so long and like you bought all my goodies and right now I am satisfied with all the STUFF for the kids!

  4. Okay kick-turns huh?

    Step One: About a body length from the edge of the pool take your last stroke and a deep breath

    Step Two: Point both hands toward the wall and begin a flip tucking your chin to your chest and over

    Step Three: As you hit the wall with your feet, push off and turn

    and viola!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. You are not crazy. At all. It annoys the crap out of me when people go on and on about how so-and-so "had better buy me" whatever. That's so NOT what Christmas is about. I never know what I want either, and it's so much more fun trying to figure out what to get for other people than it is to think about what random crap I wouldn't mind. I bitch about what my MIL buys me, but that's because she always asks for a list (which I hate) and then buys nothing from that list. It's like a carefully planned attempt at making me crazy.

    BTW, you want a big Etch-a-Sketch of your very own. Just sayin'.

  6. I always find this time of year hard to tell people what I want. Because I don't need ANYTHING and I really don't want a whole lot. Sorry she bugs you that stinks especially when you can figure out why.

  7. I always want tickets to something. Or a surprise outing of some sort. I long for experiences, not items. I have people I need to interact with that I don't care for, too. Try not to make too much of it. She just isn't your ideal buddy.

  8. I do think that there are a few people we meet in life that just bug us, for no other reason than they breathe. I never really want anything that can be bought. I want peace in the house, kids that mind and a little time to myself.

  9. Too funny! As far as your Austrailian partner, how long have you been matched up? Maybe you just need to "get to know" her more and give her a chance. I for the most part get along with everyone. I manage to find the compatible/good traits in people, rather then focusing on what "bugs" me! There have been times I've thought someone "bugged" me, but as time went on we actually become close friends! However, not all personalities "click", maybe you just have a personality clash. At least she's good competition for you! Good luck on that new racket!!!

  10. Your list is pretty good, but yeah, not much help to the hubby!

    Mine wishes I would become a minimalist. But actually I'm WAY more of one than he realizes. He's just radically so and I'm normally so. Except for shoes. And little black dresses. Can't have too much of that.

  11. Yeah, I know whatchu mean. I've met people that just rubbed me the wrong way and there was no real reason I could put my finger on.

    I thought doing kick turns was like riding a bike...but then I haven't tried one in probably 10 years. ;-)

  12. It's hard to overcome that. I know exactly what you mean. I hope you get at least one thing on the list accomplished soon. And, the racket, too.

  13. Politely decline her next invitation to play, and start looking for another Tennis partner.

  14. Several things here.
    1. You have to qualify for the Boston Marathon?
    2. There is a blogger I should totally get along with but I can't stand their existence.
    3. I want to have pretty skin.
    4. and to be a really good photographer.
    5. maybe smaller knees.
    6. and a dyson.
    that's it.

  15. Yea, I'm not too thrilled with some of the people I've been matched up with either. That suck. sorry.

    3 moves in 3 years? That's just crazy. No wonder you don't want anything. I think, truth be told, none of us really want or need anything. We've been able to buy for ourselves for so long, it's taken all the fun out of gift giving/receiving.

    I either want intangible things (everyone to be asleep by 7:45) or really expensive things (furniture for my living room, a new car). Not gonna happen.

    good luck with the new racket!

  16. It's not lame at all. In fact, I think it's better that you're not materialistic. I don't understand WHY there are just some people who bug me, but it's just human nature.

  17. i think your list is awesome.

    and material girl should leave you alone!

  18. Awesome list!

    There's nothing wrong with having a practical list and there's nothing wrong with having a not so practical list and there's nothing wrong with not particularly jiving with a another person.

    That's life.

  19. She sounds totally annoying.

    And I think those are great things to want for Christmas. I'm into the minimalist thing too.

  20. oh do I know the type. I don't really want anything for christmas myself, it's really for the kids in my opinion.


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