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OK, first...I haven't cooked the bird. Right now, I have a 25 pound bird in my fridge. I have about a 1 in 10 chance of getting the darn stove to turn on:P I so appreciate all of your cooking ideas. I'm thinking I would be repeating the old Chicago fire if I send husband on the patio to fry a turkey. My backup is my brother's rotisserie and Weber grill. Wish me luck...(What was he thinking buying a 25 pound bird!?!)

Second, I must be the only sap on the planet who gets food poisoning the night before Thanksgiving! It was a tough couple of days:P Needless to say, I didn't partake in much eating yesterday...poor me:( If you have been wondering why I haven't been around the blogosphere...that is the reason. Sick, sick, sick...yuck! I am finally feeling a little bit better, all I have had to eat is some chicken noodle soup and a small salad. Bah...food poisoning=no fun.

Third, parenting question. Miss Peach is three and a half. Man is she a tough one! I try to keep an even keel with the kiddos, I do the bulk of the parenting. Don't get me wrong, Husband is a great Daddy, but he works...a lot. Why does it seem that everything is an event requiring a tantrum? Every morning, getting dressed is a wrestling match that can be compared to roping a cow. If I ask her if she wants a glass of milk, she will scream "NO...I DON'T WANT ANY!!!" I will calmly say (every time this happens) "You know Miss Peach, you can just say no thank you." One never knows what might set off the screaming, but you know when you get there. What's the deal here? Am I doing something wrong in the parenting arena? I am very consistent, and methodical. We have a somewhat set schedule. I don't feel like a pushover. They both take long naps with barely any argument...So what's the deal here? Is this still just three???


  1. How do you not tell me that have had food poisoning? How?!?

    Ye gads. My thought? freeze the damn turkey and eat more pizza! You are in Chicago after all, as you keep telling me :-)

    It has nothing to do with you as a parent, it has to do with Miss Peach being strong willed and wanting to assert and test her independence and limits at every turn. Just keep your voice calm and low and set the example, it will get better. promise.


  2. Woo Hoo! Tantrums rule. There is no reason, just random. Hopefully she'll pass through the phase quickly for you.

    Sorry to hear about your food poisoning.

  3. Hi my new favorite buddy!!!

    Im so very sorry that you got ill the night before.

    As for the 3 yr. old...mine will turn 3 in Feb. nad I am going through the exact same thing!!!
    She is a terror sometimes and not very much a princess!

    But I do have older ones and as the toddler gets better, the others develop their own thing.


  4. We've cooked many a turkey on the webber. I actually prefer it. A little smoked flavor is nummy. No rotisserie need if you know how to make a webber do indirect heat. (Bread pan with water in the middle works wonders!)

    I grew up in restaurants and I've only had food poisoning once...from church.

    3 is a tough age. They are learning to be themselves. Stay firm. Our daughters weren't napping at 3 and a half.

  5. We went through the same thing with Mark a few months back. I got so tired of it. I finally told him if he couldn't be nice when he responded to my questions he would go to time out. It took a couple of days and a lot of time outs. But he finally got it.
    I, like you, hate yelling. It just doesn't work. So my time outs were done calmly. He got it. No more yelling. From either of us.

    Hope you get your bird cooked.

    Hope also you are feeling better today. Food poisoning stinks.

  6. Ick. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning!

    My 3 year old daughter throws a tantrum occasionally, but doesn't nap at all. It's a trade-off, maybe? You're doing just what you should by being consistant! I hate to scare you, but it may just be HER personality. Sounds a lot like my oldest daughter. She was always just... more intense... than the other kids. Still is, still has tantrums at age 8. I'd blame myself, but my others are much mellow-er!

  7. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. I did that to myself once. Ugh! As far as the 3 year old thing goes, it's probably a phase. They soooo want to be in control and the know they can't be. It would be very frustrating to be 3 again! Just maintain your cool (not always easy) and repeat after me, "this, too, is a phase and this, too, shall pass". Hey, it's worked for me for five years! and through 3 3year olds.

  8. Glad you're feeling better. When my oldest was between the ages of two and four, her nickname was "end of the world." Everything set off a tantrum, and every tantrum was THE END OF THE WORLD. She outgrew it, and I didn't kill her, so it all worked out.

    Our one golden rule has been no screaming in the family room. So anyone who needs to scream is free to scream to their heart's content, they have to do it in their bedroom. This eventually evolved into screaming into their pillows, which all of my kids now do, lol. What can I say, they're weird.

  9. You poor thing! Sick on Thanksgiving is just not fair! Hope you are feeling better.

    And three? Whoo boy! I will put you on the prayer list.

  10. Love Shana's comment about screaming. I also think ignoring a screaming child is a good idea. 3-4 is a tough age. It will pass, though.

    Sorry to hear about your food poisoning. I got that once from Jack in the Box (a loooong time ago), and I was miserable! Good luck with your huge turkey!

  11. It's Three and it's Girl. Fun stuff!

    Hope the day went well...

  12. I'm with Tracey - the screaming means 3 years old or maybe even 4 and why not add 5 while we're at it and it means "GIRL!" Can I scream that one loud enough for you to hear?? GIIIIIRRRRRRLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

    Girls scream - and I have to bite my tongue one million times a day not to scream back....but I often do. Good for you if you don't.

  13. I'm so sorry you got sick!! Hope you're feeling better.

    p.s. Love Spoiled Mommy's new header!

  14. We had a 25 lb bird too. :) I can't believe you got food poisoning before the big dinner, poor you! That's not good. May Christmas dinner go better for you!

  15. I am hoping this is just 3 1/2. I have one of those too. I don't recall my 5 yr old doing it. But my baby is all over it. Random screaming. Constant hurt feelings. A little pushing & hitting, just to drive the point home.

  16. Ive got nothing in the parenting dept.

    mine turned 3 today and is one strong willed child already.

    hmm. apple falling not far from tree perhaps? :)


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