Three Things

First, I haven't really written too much about my swimming. I am not a water person, but about midway through the summer, I started swimming 2-3 times a week for crosstraining. It has been hard! Even though my marathon is over, I have still been going to the pool twice a week.
Usually, I swim down to one end, stop and pant for a while, and then swim back, stop and pant for a while...and on...and on. Yesterday, I was a fish! Back and forth, back and forth, back and problem, no panting! if I could just get a breakthrough in my running...

Next up...I know most of you HATE Horatio...but I am still a die hard CSI Miami fan. Newsflash...this show is pissin' me off! Am I losing it here? I am so sick of Jessie from Saved by the Bell on this show! She and "Horatio's son", is it possible for them to stay OUT of trouble? I get it, it's a show, but c'mon writers...write 'em out. Last time I checked (last season), Jessie had MURDERED a witness to stop her from testifying against criminal son! Why isn't she in prison? Now, I'm supposed to care about her and her bipolar character? NO!!
The biggest reason I like this show is...the characters have no personal life (or if they do, it's in the last five minutes). It's crime, investigation...jail. Nice, clean, and wrapped up in an hour...done, and done. If I have to stop gonna pay! (said in my best Horatio voice) of the blogs I designed, took herself off line. What do you all think of that? It kind of bums me out. Not because I designed it, but because it makes me think. I hate thinking:P I have searched my soul on this one...I have. Bottom line, I really don't think Blogging is bad. I feel like we live in a world where everyone has an internet presence. When my kiddos get older...I don't know, perhaps I won't blog about them so much...I am not there yet, so I don't know. I do know that most of us blog with alias names (no, my Mom did not name me Nap) and some of us blog with our own names (truthfully, I think that's fine too). I really have rationalized this...and then someone vanishes from the blogosphere, and I think about it all over again. What do you all think?


  1. I don't like Haratio, but I love CSI Miami. I think "Jessi" should be wrote off, I am like you, there has to be a way.

    I wonder why some bloggers just disappear, no word on why, but their blogs are suddenly not there. There is a blog I read everyday and I became invested in it and "poof" one day she was gone.

    I blog about my older kids, not as much as the younger one, but at 19 and 22 they aren't home enough to warrant much blog time, now the 9 year old does more than enough to cover for them.

  2. LOVE Horatio, Love CSI Miami - Hate "Jessie" she needs to end up somewhere like prison or the morgue, so that Horatio can have Kyle and keep him out of trouble.

    And I'm not sure about the dissapearing act, it's frustrating, and being the curious person I am, it drives me a little nuts wondering if everything is OK, especially since I care so much about these people and their families... It's like we're no longer strangers here...

  3. I don't like most of the cast of CSI:Miami anymore but am compelled by my crime show OCD to continue watching...I fully agree about "Jessie" though....

    As far as disappearing..... I will admit that I am guilty of taking "breaks" from blogging but so far have found no reason to go all out and yank my blog from the blogiverse and I see no reason to in the future, Most folks will forgive a break more than a "break-up"......

  4. I have considered disappearing from the blogosphere many times... but only because I either a) felt like my blog sucked, b) felt like i couldnt keep up with my blog, c) couldnt keep up with my blog AND commenting on blogs i enjoy, or d)all of the above. so maybe it's not always negative feelings about blogging that causes bloggers to de-blog?

  5. I think people either have so much going on that they feel they can't blog anymore or that they feel too much pressure to blog. They don't realize that it is okay to take a day or two off and burn themselves out. There are a lot of other reasons too, but I'm seeing a lot of the two I just mentioned recently.

  6. Way to go on the swimming--it's totally the hardest workout ever!
    I can only keep up with The Office weekly--and sometimes not even that. I hope your CSI wishes are fulfilled and soon! As for the blogging. . .I dunno. So many reasons. . .I hope she/he gets in touch with you for some closure.

  7. Hm...I can relate to the dissapearing act...

    I took my first blog offline because so many family and friends knew about it. Keep in mind that it was designed for them to keep up with us while we were planning our wedding...but it just got out of hand.

    We started getting comments about why we had to share our daily life with everyone...why some family members got more attention than others on it...and so on. It was just too dramatic and we were hurt because we had good intentions when we made our blog.

    So, that is why I created a new blog that I did not tell my family about - so there is no judging and I can blog about anything and anyone I want! And I am so much happier because of my choice.

    As for your customer...who knows her reasoning. Maybe it was just too hard to recruit blog followers or maybe she just felt she was not qualified to be a popular blog...I have to say that it is very intimidating! For whatever reason, I hope she is OK and comes back to the blogging world eventually!

  8. When I went private, I emailed all my blog friends to explain the situation. I am just sad now that it seems that a few of them haven't followed me to the new site yet. I am one of those people that uses the real names,. I struggled with it, but I don;t see a reason to change it yet.

  9. horatio? oh, honey, i'm sorry, but he gags me. david caruso, in my opinion, is the worst actor on the planet -- worse even than william shatner in his "star trek" days.

    that being said, i blog with pseudonyms (except mine), my kids don't know i blog, and i just WRITE. i don't know, sometimes i feel funny about it, but most times it's so cathartic that i don't even think twice.

    perhaps i should. but i probably won't.

  10. Wow! That's great about your swimming. Not much of a swimmer here!

    I used to watch CSI: Miami but now it interferes with my 17 Kids & Counting obsession.

    As for the disappearing act, it's strange that the person wouldn't at least tell her readers she was leaving for whatever reason. I've used our real names only because I never really thought about it which I've been debating about phasing out. Anyway, it makes you wonder. I hope you get in touch with her.

  11. Oh, she did tell folks she was leaving. She said she didn't feel safe blogging...Not sure what that means?

  12. i like horatio, i like csi miami and i am sick of "jessi" too!

    i use real names because i didn't really know better when i started the blog. but really, we use real names on facebook and myspace so i guess it doesn't really matter. i do try not to mention if my hubs is out of town or if we will be going out of town that way if i have a stalker he won't get that advantage. other than that... i figure i am more at risk from the creepy guy down the street than from folks on the internet. i don't know. for now i guess i will choose to continue to not think about it.

  13. Well Pearl said everything I was going to say. I have thought of shutting it down too but I'm hooked and just can't bring myself to pull the plug.

  14. Horatio is growing on me. I haven't been able to keep up recently though :(

    I hate when bloggers drop off the face of the blogosphere. It's a bit unnerving. And I sit and wonder about them for weeks on end.

  15. I think about leaving blogging all the time. And then, suddenly, I am back to it. I have a love/hate relationship w/it. You know?

  16. It would leave you to wonder...what happened to them and are they okay.

    Way to go on the swimming. That is something I want to improve on before next summer when I do triathlons again.

  17. I love CSI despite Horatio, and I'm not a fan of his family either. They could all be written out of the script and the show would be that good anyway.

    As for blogging, I don't know that I'd ever go offline. But one never knows. I love the bloggy community and keeping in touch with others too much to just pull the plug.

  18. Horatio has grown on me. His breathless over dramatic delivery of lines can be off-putting, but at the same time, it is just so HIM. Ya know?

    And YES. Jesse has got to go. PLEASE. I already find that whole mess hard to believe.

    One of the bloggers I read did the same thing (wonder if it is the same one . . . ). Thankfully she hasn't DELETED her blog, just gone underground (leaving it be, but password protected instead of deleted). So, maybe there is hope that one day she'll return.

    I think blogging can suck the life out of you . . . especially if it becomes all you ever do. Reading, posting, and all the other social networking stuff can be a bit much. But, once you learn balance and learn who you are and who you want to be on your blog (hopefully, your TRUE self and not some made up characterization), then it becomes a lot easier to balance the virtual and real worlds.

    Thankfully, I've started to find a great network of people I consider friends *wink*. That keeps me here . . .

  19. Did you see my Plurk? I mentioned people who suddenly quit. It's not fair. And, you know you had nothing to do with it, right?

  20. I almost stopped blogging because family (I never have told my family about my blog) starting reading. They finally gave up and for that I am thankful because this is a place to be me and express myself without the family filter. But if they came back I would have to entertain leaving and starting anew

  21. Sorry I have been MIA. busy. ugh.

    I will most likely never stop blogging, unless someone stalks me. that might freak me out.


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