Sex/Shoes and the City

Did you get to the Sex and the City movie this weekend? I did! Let me start by saying, I liked it...I did. There were things that bugged me, but seriously, how can you go wrong with fabulous fashion, crazy fabu. shoes, the SaTC gang, and time away from the kiddos? I'm just gonna dig in, and I'm going to write the spoilers in white so if you want to find out what happens, highlight, and read on...
OMG, first off best part of the whole movie was when Carrie beats Big with her bouquet (after he tells her he can't do it) and runs back to Charlotte. Big tries to explain, and Charlotte (hugging Carrie with one arm, and pointing at him with the other) screams "NO!" and shoots him a look of death! Awesome moment! Yes, it was over the top, but I loved it.
Kim Cattrall was gold, start to finish. In my opinion, she stole the show. Loved at the rehearsal diner when annoying guy from Big's office was smarting off during Samantha's toast, and she yells "Hey Dickwad, I'm talking!". She was great!
Truth be told, I kinda thought the whole Miranda story wasn't really that great. Steve cheated, once, and tells her. She never once asks "who was it with?". I don't know, I kinda think that would be the first thing out of my mouth! I could not believe she said "I can't believe you would want to get married!" to Big at the rehearsal dinner! B*tch! I would have killed my girlfriend if she scared my man away from the altar...wrung her neck! I was glad that Miranda and Steve got back together, but I really could have done without her nude scene...whoa Chicky, put that away:o
Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I didn't think Jennifer Hudson was all that. She really seemed like she was acting in all her scenes, very uncomfortable. I mean, the character idea was cute, but I didn't think she pulled it off, at all. She did have a great song on the soundtrack though.
Sarah Jess. was spot on. As far as I'm concerned, that girl is Carrie. Holy crazy abs Batman! What does she do to stay in shape? There was a scene, where she had been dumped, had no makeup on, and she just looked old, and exhausted. I just buy her whatever she does. It struck me that you really never see them without makeup, it just stuck in my head. Outside of that scene, girl looked fierce!
I agree with all the critics, the movie really was about half an hour too long, but I really didn't care. The camera could have followed them around while they shopped, and I would have watched. I'd say, if you are a SaTC fan, run...don't walk to see it. You'll love it! Yeah, it's not perfect, but it's really good to catch up with the girls. Oh, and...fwiw, I would have forgiven Big and married him for the closet alone!!!
What does one do after the movie? Buy shoes of course! I tried on those cute bronze shoes I uncomfortable. Boo hiss:( Sooo, I bought these instead...

No, they are not Minolo's, but they are so cute and comfy, and they make me 5'7"...yay! I just love'em!


  1. What a cool trick with the writing in white! I love it. I hate shoes, though. Yuck!

  2. Love the shoes. Have never actually seen SATC- the show, I mean. So the movie is of no interest to me. I know, I know...

  3. I loved the movie and agree with your critic! :)

  4. I'm going to see the movie next week with some friends. Can't wait!

  5. I'm seeing the movie this Wed. Can't wait!

  6. I didn't get to the movie yet, but I'm planning on it. Thanks for letting me skip over the spoilers. :)
    Love the shoes! So cute!

  7. I actually was waiting for your take on the movie. I did not see it. The formal reviews said it sucked and all the bloggers so far have loved it. So it was interesting to get your take.

    LOVE the shoes.

  8. I loved it. I gotta tell you. It felt like five episodes of "Sex" --BUT, bonus! I didn't have to wait until next week to see what was up!

    AND, I am in 100% agreement with you. The Miranda storyline kinda stunk. She was being a such a bratty nag--not that I am excusing Steve's behavior, I'm just sayin'.

    As for Jennifer Hudson--I kept asking my buddy--"um, what is the purpose of her being in the movie?" I just didn't get it. I haven't seen Dreamgirls, but is this how she acted? Ugh.

    After seeing it I just wanted to go to New York and hang out with my uber cool gal pals (that I so do not have as most are like me . . . sneakers, Cover Girl, and Target purses).

    And Samantha and the whole belly thing--what a riot. I can't believe she is 50.

    Oh, cra . . . p. I just hijacked the comments section.

  9. Dying to see it!!! I probably won't until it comes to video *sigh*
    Thanks for the heads up :-)
    The shoes are darlin' and you know I totally read the spoilers ;-) LOL.

  10. Can not wait to see the movie... I'm going to go with my mom - and make the hubby watch the kids.

    Yay me.

  11. Saw the movie. LOVED the movie! I really want to see it again too. I agree with everything you said - especially the part about too much Miranda - WAY too much in my opinion.

    Oh, and I watched the LOST finale finally. SO GREAT! Better than all the other ones by far bc we actually got answers (imagine that). Of course, now we are left with a whole new set of questions. What is Sun up to!?

    Oh, and I LOVE the shoes!!

  12. Phew. You didn't give anything away. I have been dying to see it.

    We have the same taste in TV and movies. ;)

  13. 5'7"? I'll never find shoes tall enough to make me 5'7". *sniff.

    Cute shoes though.

  14. I almost went to SATC by myself last night at 930, but decided I wouldn't make it through the night.

    So, I mentioned I tried on those fitflops and I didn't like them either. Cute substitute, but I'm 5'11, so I don't think I need any help in that dept..

  15. Okay...I had to skim a bit :) I'm hoping to see this movie next week! LOVE those shoes ;)

  16. Going to see Sex in the City was fabulous- I only wish it were still on air: I WANT MORE! Amazing outfits, and Carrie was fab, but you're so right- Jennifer Hudson and then Miranda's acting and/or storylines weren't quite right.
    Great shoes!

  17. I loved the movie, and I had never seen the show. I agree that Jen Hudson wasn't on the same acting level as the rest. She was still cute in that role, though.

    Those girls can ACT. I loved that scene with Charlotte yelling at Big too. That's when she won me over -- the actress, not Charlotte. She's amazing. I remember loving her in Melrose Place.

    And yeah, that sex scene, good NIGHT, I could do without that image in my mind.

    All in all, a very good movie, considering I'd never seen the show.

  18. Goin' this Thursday - can't wait!!

  19. Saw SATC Thursday night with my girlfriend (of course). It was like visiting with old friends.
    -I agree that the Jennifer Hudson storyline was just plain fluff.
    -I wish they'd had more Big in there but I understand it was about the girls.
    -Samantha turned out true to form as did Charlotte.
    -Same old same old with Miranda; she's still too rigid for her own good. But I love Steve.
    - I was hoping for an Aidan cameo. No such luck.
    - Big is one sexy fifty-something-year-old guy. And that closet...


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