Questions...So Many Questions...

OK, first up...I was watching lame Monday Night Football, when I saw a promo for the new season of LOST. I about wet my pants! Oh LOST, I have missed you so {{{hugs}}}. Then I realized, wtf happened last season? I mean, that was like a year ago...I barely remember anything. Help me out here?!? I can't even say spoiler alert here, cause at this point I don't remember the facts...They got off the island, right? Was Kate pregnant? Was she living with some guy and sneaking off to see Jack? There was some kind of funeral that no one went to, wasn't there? Who died? Someone said, I think it was Ben "getting off the island would be a big mistake". Why? How did they get off the island, I don't remember? Geez, would someone catch me up here...I never missed an episode last season, and I can't remember a friggin' thing. Maybe that's why it's called is how I feel...I packed up the kiddos and went to IKEA. I feel like we went to another country. You have to leave the city in order to get to an IKEA, so off to suburbia we went. Ummm, I loved it! Have you been to one? Do you have access to one? I must say, going during the day, during the week has to be the way to go...No one was there, and the place was ginormous. It must be a complete madhouse on the weekends. The kiddos and I had lunch there, salmon with a mustard vinaigrette for four dollars...crazy! So, my question is...Is IKEA as fabulous as I thought, or were we just lucky to go when no one was there...thoughts, do you IKEA?On to the vanity front...Any ideas on teeth whitening? I have tried a couple different kinds of strips with descent results, has anyone tried the new Rembrandt ones? What is the best to try, there is like a whole wall at the drugstore? I am completely overwhelmed...Who whitens, give me some guidance!?! Still on the vanity front, microdermabrasion? Has anyone tried the Oil of Olay home microdermabrasion kit? I have read some fabu. reviews of it, but know no one who actually has used it...anyone, Bueler? What do you think...bottom line, I need a new facial cleanser so bring it on...What's working for you?


  1. Love Ikea. Next to Target, it is my absolutely favorite store in which to wander aimlessly...

  2. I miss IKEA. When I lived in Kuala Lumpur, I was there all the time. Wander around, then sit down for some really cheap yet yummy food. Unfortunately, no IKEA in Palembang now.

  3. Facial cleanser?

    Hmmm...let me think...nope no idea what you are talking about. I'm seriously thinking that today might be the day I shave. The high today is suppposed to be 30, rather balmy, wouldn't you say?

    I think today...I shave!

  4. LOL!
    IKEA is retail fabulosity!
    Facial cleanser? I use the biore heating scrub. It's so yummy and leaves my face so clean and renewed feeling!
    Teeth whitening? I'm going to look at other's answers. I can't do the strips, I've tried.. the eek me out with the feeling.
    I used a tray kit a few years ago that had an ultraviolet light with it. You left it in for about 8 minutes at a time and it worked pretty well.

  5. Never ever been to IKEA. I don't believe they are anywhere near my area.

    As to Lost, sister, I haven't a clue what is going on there either. I am getting irritated by the delay and now the strike is threatening the rest of the season, so...will I even tune in? sigh. Probably. 'Cause I'm stupid like that...

    I can't whiten my teeth with OTC products because of sensitivity. I wish I could, though.

  6. When I go to Ikea I have to go to the one near the Mall Of America so there really isn't a perfect time of day to go BUT there is a good time of year to go...the Fall..LOL....I LOVE Ikea though so I try to go as often as I can and as early in the day as possible....

    As far as teeth whitening, dunno but am anixous to hear so if you find one that works please let me know.

    And finally on facial cleanser.... I use Oil of Olay something or other Facial Cleanser with witch hazel.....LOVE it.


  7. I have never been to an IKEA. I didn't know you could eat there! I feel like a real country bumpkin LOL

  8. I LOVE Ikea. Almost as much as Tarjay! Where else can you buy a bucket of cheap home goods for $5.00?

  9. We don't even have an IKEA in our state, I have never been so sad...

    Lost: This is what I remember, I may be wrong..First let me say that if you go to you can watch episodes from last season and remember. The show ended with them still on the island, Kate was pregnant, Charlie died, they called someone on the satellite phone for help but it was not who they thought it was... There was a peak into the future, and in the future the are off the island and Jack is a drunk and Kate has to sneak off to see him, and there is some one's funeral that no one went to but Jack. Maybe I should watch the episode again too.

  10. Lost has me as lost as you. I can't remember a single thing. Thank goodness I still have the season finale on Tivo. I'm going to need a refresher (and to pay more attention--I totally don't remember anything about Kate being pregnant. Where was I?)

    Ikea is heaven when it's not busy, but hell when it is. It goes from Target level fabulous to Wal-Mart torture just by adding a few hundred people. That is why we avoid it on the weekends.

    I highly recommend having your dentist do your teeth whitening. I did mine eight years ago and have never had to touch them up. I still get compliments about how white they are. Yeah, it cost a fortune, but it was worth it.

    Can't help you with the facial cleanser though. I need to figure that one out myself.

  11. Hi NW!

    I really can't help you with any of your multitude of questions. BIG HELP I AM!!

    Just really came by to say hi, and wish you and your family the very best of holidays!!


  12. I've never been to IKEA-- but I have always been jealous of those in proximity to one.


  13. I loved IKEA when I lived in Pittsburgh! We aren't near one now which is a bummer.

    I always have a large size Cetaphil and use it every morning. Any of the Oil of Olay Regenerist products are really good. I use one of their cleansers at night. I've also heard their microdermabrasion kit is wonderful, but I've not tried it yet. This conbination (Cetaphil and O of O) is as good as anything I've paid tons for.

    No clue on the whitening, but I think I'd ask my hygenist for advice. The Go Smile stuff at Sephora seems to be popular but I don't know anyone using it.

  14. Oh, I'm still on an IKEA intervention program. Thou cannot enter without spending wads of cash...

    Teeth whitening- I've used the Crest Whitening 7 DAY with great success--i tried the 14 day one and it did not work.

    No help here for microdermabraision..I'm lucky if I remember to exfoliate once a week. too busy pining over IKEA *sigh*

  15. 1. don't watch Lost anymore. 2. Ikea is AmAzInG. You must've hit a crazy time to be there, cause it's ALWAYS busy 3. when you find something, lemme know. I need it, too.

  16. Oh, poo...I really wished we had an IKEA...I have heard so many bloggers rave about it....I am going down South this weekend, so I am looking for one on our drive...if I find one, ya better believe I am going...I am still watching Lost Season 2 on DVD...they are still fooling with the hatch, captured one of the others...etc....I love, love this show..can't get enough..I hope to be totally caught up before the new season starts, then I will most definitely be blogging about it!

  17. You must have hit the IKEA lottery--I have never left there feeling warm and fuzzy (except pre-kids).


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