I Survived Move '07!

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Just lettin' you all know, I made it through the move! What a big ole bunch of no fun that was...boo hiss. I will have to give it up to my movers, they were hustling...Thank you Tony! I would say to anyone moving, make sure you hire reputable movers, it makes all the difference in the world. Why does it seem, that no matter how much stuff you get rid of, you still just have to much? I want to become a minimalist...goal for '08. So now I am unpacking, and trying to dump more junk. It is hard to adjust to townhouse living from high rise living, but I totally think it was the right thing for us. The reality of it is we are about six blocks closer to downtown than we were in the high rise, but what a pain it is to move that six blocks! Back to unpacking for me...


  1. NW!!

    So glad to hear you survived your move!

    I wish you and your family nothing but the best of health and happiness in your new place!!


  2. Glad things went smoothly - yay! for cleaning out the clutter - I need to start on that myself

  3. Yes, moving is a huge pain in the butt! Glad you got it all over with except the unpacking.

  4. congrats on surviving the move!
    and good idea about cleaning out the clutter, I definitely need to work on that as well.


  5. Surviving the move is the first step, then you survive getting settled...then you VOW not to move again ever if you can help it!
    Can you tell we just moved in September '07?
    I did de-clutter a lot with this last move and it felt great.
    I would still like to purge more, but married to a packrat you have to restrain yourself.

  6. Whew..I don't envy you...glad to know you are moved, safe and sound, no major catastrophes! Good luck with your unpacking!

  7. Ewwww.....Moving sucks!! Glad your movers rocked though.

    When we moved in '06 we had awesome movers too, thet totally make the difference.

    Have fun settling into your new home and Happy Holidays to you and yours!!


  8. I just hope you find the kitchen stuff, it sounded like the kids were getting hungry and no one brought the pots, pans, and glasses.

  9. Every move for my wife and I has been one gigantic filter on our lives. This last move filter out even more stuff, but interestingly, the kids stuff more than made up for the loss in volume from the previous move.

  10. The one great thing about moving is getting rid of the junk and clutter and starting over fresh and organized. We haven't moved for 6 1/2 years and boy can you tell!

    I have never had the luxury of using a moving company to move though. Ususally consists of my Dad helping us out with his truck and trailer over several trips, or renting a uhaul and also still making at least a couple of trips.

    Hope you enjoy the new digs!

  11. Congrats on the new abode; hope you are all happy there!

  12. Yea! I hate moving too but now you're in and you can relax!


  13. I'm totally amazed you can MOVE and BLOG in the same week. Seriously. You should get some major award for THAT!

    Hope the new digs are awesome which I'm sure they are! Now relax, have a drink and enjoy.

  14. This post gave me hives.

    Amazing you can move and blog. Amazing!

    Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch

  15. Yay! Blessings for your family in your new home. :)

  16. Dear Bob I am still suffering from the two moves I did in '07!

  17. Glad you survived the move!!
    Reputable movers make ALL the difference! Good luck adjusting and becoming a minimalist! I will stay tuned to see how it goes!

  18. To achieve minimalism, you could not unpack anything until you need it. After 2 months of pulling out what you need, you take all the stuff still in a box to Goodwill.

    Let me know how THAT goes.

  19. glad to hear the move went well. i'm starting to get nervous about mine. 2 months to go...yikes!

  20. Glad the move went well.

    I feel your pain about stuff reduction! It is SO good to do, but SO time consuming!

    Congrats on your new place!


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