Finger Lickin' Good!

Every week or so, I post an easy recipe on the blog. Those of you that know me, know that I don't pretend to be a chef...I am not exactly kitchen inclined. Now that I have the whole package; Husband, two kiddos, two step kiddos, I try to cook...So Friday on the Today Show, they made fried chicken. It looked easy, so I tried it over the holiday weekend. Guess what?!? It was easy, real easy, and real good so I am sharing it with you...Here's what you need...

-Chicken (I used a whole chicken cut into 8 pieces)
-lemon (2 whole)
-olive oil, or vegetable oil
-glad seal bags

This was so easy, it was ridiculous! This is what you do...Put the chicken in the Glad bags (mine fit into four medium sized bags) add in some olive oil and sqeeze in some lemon. Massage into the chicken with bag sealed. Let sit in the fridge for a couple hours (easy). When you are ready to cook, take the chicken out of the bags and wipe off excess juice. Then, dip the chicken in flour.

Next, put about 3/4" of oil (I used half olive oil and half vegetable oil, only because I didn't have enough of each alone) into a deep frying pan. You really need to pay attention to the heating of the oil (maybe 3/4 flame). When the oil is hot, use long tongs to put in the chicken. Heat on each side for about 10 minutes and then place on a platter with some paper towels to absorb excess oil. Be sure to monitor the heat, if it starts to boil to high, just turn it down (I had to do this a couple times). The end, your done. It's really good! I thought frying chicken would be hard and messy, it wasn't, it was easy and good. So, if all of you knew this already, pardon me for being the last one to catch up, if not give it a try! Hope you all had a great Labor Day, mine was finger lickin' gooood!

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  1. Sounds good and somewhat easy. My kind of recipe. Thanks.

    Now if only I could muster the energy to make it instead of sitting here surfing the blogosphere . . .


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