When I was single trader chick, I used to wonder why the married guys with children always seemed so tired. I lived alone with no pets. I would think to myself "These guys should just go to bed earlier. Why don't they just get more sleep?" Two babies and a 17 pound cat (who likes to sleep on my head) later.....I get it! I need more sleep, the babies get up in the middle of the night, the cat sits on my head, this house never stops....I need more sleep!


  1. I ALWAYS need more sleep.

    If it's not the girls it's our dogs or my husband snoring or something.

    zzzzzzzz ;)

  2. Hilarious..isn't perspective a funny thing?

    I am in constant search for sleep too. I even count how many hours of sleep I managed to get each night...

  3. Sleep? What's that... HA!

    Even through hubby and I haven't had a nice dinner alone in MONTHS, the last time my parents took my son for the night, I opted to sleep rather than go out. That's pretty bad for us. We used to go out all the time.

    But then again, didn't we all.. before the kiddos? :-)


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