Mini Horses!!!

My Mom raises and shows miniature horses! How fun for a two year old, right?
Well, My Little Peach didn't know what to think of these large "Puppas". At first sight, she was taken aback by them. So, she hung out in the barn away from the giant "Puppas".
The Little Man spent most of the time melting down in the playpen....poor Little Man....:(
Then our Little Peach took her Cheerios and went on an expedition...Little did she know.....
She was being followed by a miniature horse!
"What'cha got there little lady?"
"I got some Cheerios, want some?"
"Oh no, I dropped them!!!" "Don't worry, I can help you with that..."

Our original plan was for Little Miss Peach to show one of the ponies, but she was to shy this time. We all had fun, except for maybe the Little Man. Soon he will be riding mini horses and forget about the playpen! Yeah Mini's!!!


  1. You did get some good shots of the kids and the horses. I can't wait to see the rest of your photos.
    Maybe next year you can feature costume class, lead line (where the kids ride the horses in a class) and driving. Phantom, my multicolor champion, has been trained by two little Amish kids (7 and 8 years old) and will be shown next year as well.
    Oh what fun the little Peach will have!!! Little man may have to wait another year though.

  2. Cute baby ponies and baby people!!!
    I'd like to order one of each.


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