Jeans, Jeans, A Wonderful Thing...Or Not!

OK, I had my first girls night out on Friday...What to wear? I look through my closet and realize, "I hate all my jeans!"...Now this is saying alot because I pulled them all out and realized that I had thirteen pairs of jeans! Surely one of these pairs of jeans will fit and is suitable for going out right? Wrong! None of my jeans fit me right...To quote Rosanne Rossanadan, "If it's not one thing, it's another!". At least half of these jeans were obviously made for someone who is 5'10". I unfortunately am 5'4":( I wish I was someone who didn't care that my jeans drag the ground when I wear them, unfortunately I am too tightly wound to be able to wear jeans that way. I wish I was as tall as a supermodel, then half my jeans would look great on me! Alas, I am not so lucky... I did try on a pair of jeans with the highest heels I have...I will admit, they looked great! Leaving me wishing; a) that I ever have occasion to wear heals this high, b) that I could walk in these heels..... On I go, trying on jeans that left me wondering why I bought them in the first place? I like skinny jeans, I think they look great in the magazines. I couldn't help but wonder..."Can someone who is 39 pull off skinny jeans?" I don't know? I lost all confidence in my ability to wear the skinny jeans. I will keep them...I mean, I like them, I think??? Can I pull these off? Then I came to a couple pairs of jeans that were my "go to" jeans before I spent the last two years of my life being pregnant. I am admitting on the record that my body is soft in abdominal areas where it never used to be soft...Now my "go to" jeans give me a "muffin top" at the waistband...:( This is just unacceptable! Not wanting to dump what were once great jeans, this is my answer for the problem, leaving me only able to wear said jeans with long/waist covering tops..... The whole thing just leaves me pissed off! I settled on an OK pair of jeans, when what I wanted was a "rocking" pair of jeans...Today I took 5 pairs of jeans to the tailor and had them hemmed. I hope they come back looking good, but I have never been satisfied with hemmed jeans. They just never quite look as good as they did with the original hem on them....I find myself wishing I was back in the 80's....Then, I would have just pegged them and been on my merry way!


  1. i could have written this post, my dear.

    i have issues with all of my jeans - and i have about 30 pairs of them!

    i love your muffin top solution...i may have to try it! ;)

  2. I love this post!!! Jeans are my nemesis, seriously.

  3. You guys should try soleclips. they really work! They stopped my pants from draggin'

  4. That jeans are made to be worn with high heels. Now you have occasion to wear them.
    And learn how to walk in them ? Every girl 15+ should know it !


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