This Round Goes to Joey...

In this corner weighing in at 17 pounds and hailing from Kitty Land is Mr. Smokey Joe...

In the opposite corner weighing in at 24 1/2 pounds and hailing from Babydome we have Mr. Henry "The Chubbs" Baby!!! When the bell rings, I want a good clean match...No scratching, no tail pulling, no biting, no hair yanking....Let's keep it clean guys!

I think you get the picture, this was my morning. Unfortunately, this round went to Smokey Joe. I turned away for one second and Henry and Joey were wrestling again. It is a constant battle to keep these two away from each other. They absolutely have a dysfunctional relationship. Mr. Joe is the enabler. If he would just sit on the couch, or on our bed, Henry wouldn't be able to reach him. But nooooo!!! Joey plunks his fat Maine Coon Cat butt right in front of Henry and flicks his tail at him. Just luring him in so that he can pounce on him. Not cool Mr. Kitty! Poor little Henry gets drawn in every time, but I wouldn't exactly call him innocent in this. Given the opportunity he buries his head in Mr. Joey's belly and chews on him, crawls over him, pulls his tail, yanks fist fulls of hair out of him...he is relentless. I don't know what I am going to do with these two???


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  2. love the picture of smokey he looks angry

    and love the intro to this blog the wrestling bit was quite funny


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