Normal Child...

OK, I have received much drama about the earlier picture of my Peach. She is normal weight...At her 2 year check up (last week) she was in the 50% on both weight and height. That picture was taken from a weird angle, and right after she had chowed down on blueberries...I promise, I am not overfeeding my child antioxidants. She gets plenty of exercise and goes to the playground daily. So Mom, rest assured that my Sweet Little Peach does not have an eating disorder or any problem with her stomach...I thought it was funny, chill out.


  1. I think Kate needs a little kate spade purse...don't you?

  2. LOL...hey I have a big belly after I eat, too. ;)

    I think 2-year-olds' just have baby bellies. I kind of miss my 5-year-old's Buddha belly! Sigh...

  3. now i understand the 5th gear thing you were talking about better


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