Great Party!

Well, Miss Kate had a wonderful birthday! Mommy made her yellow cake with chocolate icing(yummy) and she got to open lots of presents. All of them were wonderful. She particularly loves the new kelly green Crocs that her Uncle Jimmy and Lisa gave her. (She has not taken them off even to sleep.) We have more to tell you, but right now Mr. Henry is melting down.....Daddy and I gave her this wonderful bouncey horse named Liberty. I think at first she was frightened by it:( Now she absolutely loves it:) Miss Kate feeds horsey, brushes horsey, and loves to ride horsey (with a little help from Mommy).

Our weekend at the beach was fun, but tons of work for Husband and I. If I can figure out how to download pics from my phone, I will post the blueberry picking adventure. Right now I am feeling not smart:( The phone is winning.....


  1. Nice looking horse.

    The cake in the photo is not chocolate....

    Okay, so I am a critic--at least I am paying attention.

  2. Oh, but it is chocolate....You are looking at the bottom of the cake!

  3. haha the phone is winning ... generally you can email the pictures from your phone to your email


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