Assume you are the only one paying attention!

OK, the babies and I were taking our normal walk down the lakefront and back through the park....Same thing, different day. We are standing at the stoplight waiting to cross. No big deal. We get the walk signal, but I don't go. I see the huge yellow school bus, illegally barrelling through a red light and two lanes of traffic to get on the drive. Unfortunately for the truck, he either didn't see the bus, or was bullheaded and didn't care. So, the truck guns it right in front of Mr. illegal bus move. They were literally a whisper away from hitting each other. I started running backwards on the sidewalk away from the imminent disaster. Had the bus hit the truck, I think the whole mess would have taken out the babies and I....Thank God they missed each other!!!

Note to self: Always assume no one but me is playing by the rules........and, avoid that intersection from now on!

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