Age of Lame...

So after weeks of threatening to eliminate herself from the show, crazy Marie finally follows through with her threat...and no one cares, including me, yet I continue to watch this lame monotonous show. Marc of course tells Marie that she was not going to be eliminated...blah, blah, she went. I will miss the crazy, not really. Now the remaining three find out they will be traveling to Australia to meet Marcs' family...Yeah travel! No wait, more drama. Megan battles her fear of flying and walks down the gang plank, but wah, she can't get on the plane. Cry, cry cry...blah, blah, blah...Our little 21 year old Megan leaves the show. Of course player man Marc takes one more opportunity to make out with Chicky chick before she leaves...and no one cares, including me, yet I continue to watch. Now there are two left, 20 something Amanda (see hooker outfit during salsa bit) and 40 something Jen (see very nice but honey you can do way better than Marc P). Luckily for everyone involved, this show ends next week. Yes, I will be watching, much to my shame and embarrassment. I am rooting for Jen since Amanda is an absolutely unbearable, sleazy, manipulative pain in the arse...I am not ruling out Marc turning the table on both of them and bringing back little sad nonflying Megan, he seems to really be hot for the young ones. So, there you go...more than you, or I ever wanted to know about lame, lame TV...I loves me bad TV!

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  1. lovin the title age of i bet your glad that this tv show will be over soon


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