The perfect night in with Grace and Frankie! #StreamTeam

Do you ever fall in love with a show from the jump? I do. It doesn't happen often, but when it does...I get giddy. It's an unexpected gift.

That is what happened when I turned on Netflix's new show Grace and Frankie. This show has EVERY ingredient for a great run. Will someone please explain to me why it took so long for someone to put Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin together? I'm going to age myself here...but 9 to 5 anyone?

The second it started...I had to pause it. My best friend was coming into town...and I knew this was the perfect binge watch for a night in. We love the movie As Good As It Gets...and Grace and Frankie has that feel...with a La Jolla spin.

Time for a sidebar, I just got back from a business meeting in La Jolla...where I had the most AMAZING easy dinner and drinks. I absolutely had to recreate this for our Grace and Frankie night in.
I don't know if cracking an egg over a burger is a thing in Chicago, or anywhere else for that matter, but I am here to tell is. SO. Good! I made big grass fed cow burgers with Wisconsin melted cheese on them and laid a fried egg over it.
Then it was time to make the drinks. Lemme share this little gem with you. (Yes, I took a picture of the menu in the restaurant in La Lolla so that I could revisit it later.)
1 shot of Mezcal
3/4 glass of pineapple juice
1 tablespooon lime juice
touch of Lavender Syrup
sprinkle with Cayenne Pepper powder
over ice and serve with lime wedge

NOW...we are ready to have the perfect night in with friends!
Grace and Frankie is a delightfully fun show following the lives of two women, with not a lot in common, who find out their husbands are in love, and leaving them. This throws the women into an Odd Couple relationship navigating the waters that only the other can fully understand. Being from the creator of Friends, you know, it's gonna be good.

Do you miss Zeek Braverman from Parenthood? I do. You'll be VERY happy when he shows up a few episodes in! All of the characters from epic shows are in Grace and Frankie. The West Wing, meets Law & Order, meets Parenthood, meets The Newsroom...SO GOOD.

While the parents were noshing on burgers, fruity drinks and binge watching Grace and Frankie, the kiddos were upstairs having their own party while watching The Adventures of Puss in Boots.
What...did you not know that the world's greatest feline fighter, lover and milk connoisseur is on Netflix?! Your kids will love it.

Thanks to Netflix...a night in has never been so good. Did I mention June is going to pack a punch on Netflix too: The Aviator, Nightcrawler, Rose Water, Cake, Dreamworks Dragons Race to the Edge...

Get Streaming!


Balayage...or Ombré?

I've been a bit mopey about my hair for a while now. I got in this endless loop of dumping one color box to cover greys. This left me with VERY flat color...and sad.
I spent some time on Pinterest, and decided to investigate Ombré...which lead me to Balayage. Quite frankly, I can't figure out the difference. I know there is one and they have explained to me...but I can't tell.

That said, I called a new salon (Salon 1800) and made an appointment. Wowzers...I am SO happy with the results! My new stylist Pedro...LOVE!
I have been doing The Happy Dance all. day. long!

New family member!

Well, actually we've had him for a few months. The little stinker won't sit still long enough for me to get a good shot of him. The exact opposite of my dearly departed Mr Smokey.

Meet Mr. Tiger
 He is a sweetie, but he's all claws. It's a bit like snuggling a cactus. I guess you can call him a work in progress. Tonight...we trim his claws. Wish me luck!

He blinded me with science!

One science fair project down, one to go. I knew my little Benny needed a topic that would interest him. SO...we did a Lego earthquake project.
He had to explain his project to TEN different people. Well done my boy...well done!
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