Sweet Home Alabama

Was I the only one watching Sweet Home Alabama tonight? (I think it was on TNT...or something?) Anyway, this show brings back a funny memory...

Waaay back in the dark ages, Husband and I had a HUGE break up...HUGE. He proposed (with the Tiffany's ring) then, he broke up with me:...( I. WAS. A. MESS!

I closed up my single girl apartment in Chicago, quit my job, loaded up my cat (in my Mom's car) and drove to Denver to live with my Bro. I just had to get away.

The Bro and his friend Brennan became my babysitters. They MADE me get out every day. After dragging me out to dinner, they insisted on taking me to a movie. You guessed it...they took me to see Sweet Home Alabama. Great idea...NOT.

If you haven't seen the movie, there is a scene where Patrick Dempsey takes Reese Witherspoon to Tiffany's and drops to one knee to propose. I became a bawling, babbling puddle on the floor of the theater.

I can laugh about it now...at the time...oh my mess! The guys didn't know whether to pat me on the back, or just watch the movie and pretend I wasn't falling apart. God bless 'em for trying...they really were in over their heads;)
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